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Aug 9, 2006 06:45 AM

Boiled Peanuts in Phoenix? (No, I'm serious.)

Hi folks. I've recently moved here from not-quite-*as*-sunny Florida, where one beloved summer snack is boiled peanuts. We start with raw, green peanuts (green meaning, I guess, that they're not entirely ripe yet). We cover 'em with water, salt the heck out of 'em and boil them until the peanut inside the shell is tender and either a rosy pink or purple. In my opinion, really wonderful. I *think* I saw the right kind of peanuts for this at Sprouts. Can anyone suggest another place I could get them? Ideally, I want to stay away from 'jumbo' peanuts, since they just don't seem as good for this as the smaller ones.

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. I have not seen boiling peanuts anywhere...ever.
    Strangely, you can pick up a cow's head(with full set of teeth) and cactus here, but no raw peanuts.

    I could be wrong though. Oh, I've been known to be wrong.


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      :D Omg. Does the cow's head make good soup?

      Thanks for the reply. ;)

      1. re: Twi_prime

        Oddly enough, we make it just like you describe boiling peanuts: "We cover 'em with water, salt the heck out of 'em and boil them until the peanut inside the shell is tender and either a rosy pink or purple"

        Just kidding. If you ever walk into a taco shop and see "tacos de lengua" or "tacos de cabeza" on the menu, VOILA! You get various parts of the cow head wrapped in a nice warm tortilla.


    2. In almost 9 years, I have not seen boiled peanuts in/around AZ. That doesn't mean that they are not available.

      In my travels to the South, I have seen fewer of the boiled-peanunt stands in GA, LA and MS, than I recall.

      They were a treat that I miss, though in CO, we did find canned boiled-peanuts in a Mexican/South American food store. These were OK, but not what I remembered from the Deep South.


      1. Yum! I love boiled peanuts.

        I suggest you start making calls.

        Sprout's is a good start. Also consider Sunflower, AJ's Fine Foods, Whole Foods.

        Safeway is a national chain and they have great customer service, so they may be able to source them from one of their locations in the South and special order them for you.

        Good luck and welcome to AZ!

        1. If you are willing to order, I've seen plenty of places that have them and will ship frozen to you. Cajun Grocer is a good place to check, but I recently ordered some from Lee's ( Good luck.

          1. China Magic Noodle serves boiled peanuts as an accompaniment to every meal. The flavoring may be slightly different, but you could ask at the restaurant where they buy their peanuts (or perhaps they buy them already prepared?). Most likely they come from a wholesale purveyor, but you might be able to purchase a bag when you identify the source.

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              Yah! Tru dat! I think the 99 ranch chinese market has them! Not sure it had been built back then.