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Aug 9, 2006 06:42 AM

Cruising Alaska

Hello! I'll be visiting the ports of Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka, and Anchorage. I know it's not a white glacial foodie desert. I need Alaskan and Alaska-visitor Chowhounds' help! Thanks. :-)

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  1. As much as I previously have noted to the moderators that no place is more in the Pacific NW than Alaska, they will likely tell you it's "Elsewhere in America" and move this post.

    Not many places in SE Alaska, but Anchorage has some great spots. If your boat docks in Seward, there are some options right there -- i.e., Ray's. If you dock in Whittier, it's slim.

    Either way, if you can stop in Girdwood on the way to Anchorage, there's the Double Musky.

    In the city itself, there are plenty of options. What are you interested in?

    1. For pizza in Juneau we used to like Pizza Verona, on the main drag just up from the Red Dog. Good crust on the thicker side with traditional toppings. Our new favorite is Pizzaria Roma, in the huge blue building at the end of the quay. Thin crust with a nice char, not only traditional toppings but exotics as well. Delicious sauce. A favorite with Crystal ship's officers.

      We've found other non-touristy spots in the towns you'll be in but I can't remember which places in which towns. I'll ask Mrs.Swift tomorrow morning and post the results. Enjoy!

      1. I was last in Alaska in September 1989, so some things might have changed...

        * The mesquite grilled scallop appetizer at Simon & Seaforts in Anchorange still is my standard for cooked scallops.

        * The blackened salmon at the Double Musky Lodge remains in my "top 5 salmon preparations of all time." Watch out for the oversized portions at this place. If I recall correctly, you need a rental car to get there, as it's down the highway toward Seward.

        * I ordered a combination of crab legs and some kind of beef at a place I think was called Club Paris. The meat was excellent, but after eating fresh Dungeness crab here on the West Coast, snow crab and the other types don't seem special to me.

        * I ate at Marx Brothers but can't remember it...

        1. Not a bad memory.

          Simon & Seaforts has been a solid choice for decades.

          Double Musky (not really a lodge) is one of my favorites anywhere. Pricier than when you were there. But the pepper-cruster NY strip is also excellent.

          Club Paris was red velvet retro in the '80s and hasn't changed much. It is still known for its old-time steakhouse-style beef. The blue-cheese stuffed filet is wonderful. But getting king crab in Anchorage is little different than getting them in Omaha -- they come from hundreds of miles away. For shellfish, your better options are spot shrimp, dungeness and oysters (which are farmed IN AK and grow well but don't reproduce naturally).

          Marx Bros. is still very good and has opened an excellent museum cafe downtown at the Museum of History and Art.