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Aug 9, 2006 06:39 AM

Breakfast in Stockholm

Dear all,

I am going to Stockholm this weekend and my hotel, Radisson Royal Villa, does not include breakfast. The hotel is very centrally located. Is there some place that is well know for the breakfast? I don't even know what traditional Swedish breakfast is? Can someone advise?


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  1. Grand Hotel's veranda has an impressive breakfast buffe (I'm not into breakfasts that much but that one -- wowser. The danish pastries alone turned me around ;).
    It's kinda pricy but worth every last nickel. They open at 7.

    Depending at what time you get up, many cafees open at 9 10 in the morning (probably the latter as it is still considered to be summer for another week or so). Most have breakfast offers of the simple kind (coffee/tea, juice, sandwich). Big hotels offer breakfast buffes, although I've only frequented Grand Hotel in that regard. There are many nice cafes. See the post hounding around the world - stockholm further down.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions :).

    1. I don't think you will find the buffet at Grand Hotel drastically different from The SAS Royal Viking. Close to the Royal Viking, on Kungsgatan is the cafe Vetekattan that has a pretty good breakfast of bread, cheese, jam and you can buy pastries separately to add to it. Open faced sandwiches are the traditional breakfast fare in Sweden. Large hotels will have a variety of things to put on (cheese, liver paste, caviar paste, ham, fresh cut vegetables, plus a selection of herring and maybe some salmon. They will also have some scrambled eggs and maybe a waffle and some danish. But the quality of most of this stuff is not exemplary. And the larger hotels will charge you 20 USD or more. That's why I suggest a good cafe instead. You will get fresh bread actually made, not just baked off, in house and a huge selection of in house baked goods to choose from. One's like Vetekattan even have a selection of sandwiches in the morning. And you will be hard pressed to spend 20 USD.

      What you won't get are the 2 hour old scrambled eggs and huge display of cold cuts and vegetables of questionable quality. Nor will you get the mass produced herring. It is a quality vs quanity question. If you really want to try some like herring wait until lunch and go to Östermalms Saluhall and sit at one of the fish bars and get truly home made herring rather than something out of a 2 gallon jar.

      1. It's helpful to remember that most cafés this time of the year have altered opening hours and regularly they open later on the weekend. Vetekatten opens at 9.30 Saturdays and are closed Sundays.