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Aug 9, 2006 05:12 AM

Best Boba (bubble) tea flavor in Eden Center?

Hi, What are people's favorite boba (bubble) tea flavors at places located in Eden Center? There are so many to try and I hesitate to try some of them without recommendations. Any suggestions of what flavors to get or what not to get?

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  1. Durian is a flavor you won't get most other places. It's in the one near the corner of Four Sisters. I think it's owned by the same people. Their banh mi is very good too.

    1. I'd have to say avocado is boba shake probably my favorite. But there are so many other good ones including the durian and guanabana. It's not a bubble drink, but one of the most refreshing beverages out there is the sugarcane juice. It can be had at many places but my favorite is several doors down from Song Que. I forget the name of the deli but you can see the sugarcane mangler in the front window on the left side. If you haven't had it, they press the sugarcane along with a bit of orange and the result is delicious! All that said, the drink we get most often is the coffee with bubbles. Maybe because it's less heavy than the shakes? (And on a different matter, we totally love the dried longan drinks you can get at Pho 75.)

      1. I'm a creature of habit - I always get the red bean and love it.

        1. We're treading a fine line here. Remember some people prioritize the tea over the bubbles and do not necessarily count the Eden Center offerings.

          Some of us think the bubbles are most important. For the Tea fanatics, Raspberyy black milk bubble teat from Ten Ren is my absolute favorite, but I live in arlington, and It's much more convenient for me to drive to 7 corners and get my #2 fav...Taro Root...from Song Que or the place to the right of it. Those two are the only establishments that offer freshly blended Taro, instead of the powdered mixes.

          Also...Try the red dot /pink dot drink at Song Que....It's excellent! Unfortunately , I couldn't tell you what it is.

          1. My 9-year-old would like to try bubble tea (and for that matter, so would I). What are the best flavors for children and newbies?

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              Song Que has Strawberry for tastes that don't want to venture too far. I had the guanabana today and it was great. The orange juice is truly fresh squeezed. They have a machine doing it right in front of you.