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Aug 9, 2006 05:05 AM

Shopped at Trader Joe's tonight. These are some items I picked up (w/ pictures)

I went overboard tonight and here are some I bothered to take pictures of:

King Oscar extra small sardines in purest virgin olive oil 3.75 oz from Norway!! It's good for sardines and the olive oil can be used for salad dressing. My hiking friend told me it's the best so I had to try it. He eats it by itself or with crackers. Nice hiking lunch. $2.69 for 6 oz! yikes.

Trader Joe's Tuna in Red Panang curry sauce-hot. Product of Thailand. It's good and can be heated in the microwave or in hot water. Good camping food. $1.39

Honey Roasted Peanuts-just very delicious. Can't stop eating them once opened. $1.99

Gerolsteiner natural mineral water-new favorite--sparkling water from Germany. $1.29 before tax and CRV.

Trader Joe's organic reduced sugar strawberry preserves-haven't tried but I think Ruth L. said that brand is good. $2.99

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena-cute bottle and I needed balsamic vinegar. haven't tried. $3.99

Fiji water-think Chowfun_Derek said it was good. $1.69 before tax and crv.


what do you like?

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  1. I like from TJ's....

    -Tongol tuna, best price in town
    -Flavored mayos, wasabi and chile lime. Makes tuna salad that much better
    -House brand Nutella, $1 cheaper than Nutella
    -Cottage Cheese, best price in town
    -The "Confetti" nut mix, with almonds-cranberries-pecans-yogurt chips
    -The plastic containers of little chocolate cookies


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    1. re: mamamia

      I was so excited when I read this post - I've been craving a chile lime mayo and can't find any. But sadly this seems to be regional - here in Boston (Coolidge Corner, at least) TJ's does *not* have flavored mayos. Oh, well.

    2. They just opened a TJ in NYC a few months back and I've had really mixed results with their prepared foods (aside from the frozen pizzas and frozen spinich lasagna - both of which were consistently good).Do you have any recommendations on foods they do well?

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      1. re: erikka

        Oh, and in terms of worst, I bougth some peanut granola-type bars from the cereal section that literally were styrofoam. They stuck to my tongue and after eating a few bites I threw the rest away. The frozen meatballs didn't wow me either...

        1. re: erikka

          For goodness' sake, don't throw away the rest of the package. Return it and get your money back! They have a very generous no-hassle return policy and a good thing, because many of their products do suck.

          1. re: Pupster

            Really? You can take back something just because you didn't like? This is a strange concept, especially to a New Yorker.

            Oh my god were they bad. I shudder just remembering how bad those few bites were.

            1. re: erikka

              Yup! TJ's is GREAT about stuff like that! Just exchange it for something you want to try or go to the manager to get a refund! :)


              1. re: erikka

                "Trader Joe's product guarantee: We tried it. We liked it. If you don't like it, bring it back for a full refund or exchange."


                1. re: erikka

                  Yeah, you don't need a receipt or anything. Just save the rest of the package until the next time you plan to go. If you buy anything at all, just present the stuff you are returning to the cashier and they will deduct it from the bill. If you aren't buying anything, just go to the manager's desk up front and they will give you the money.

          2. I really like their sprouted grain bread (makes great toast), homemade wheat tortilla wraps, store brand water crackers (like Carrs, only cheaper), their Rustica pasta sauce, and their large log of goat cheese (is it the Vermont butter and cheese company? I forget) - very reasonable. Other staples like peanut butter and olive oil are also good. Their frozen Gyoza dumplings make a great quick appetizer.

            1. There are lots of local suppliers for the fresh (dairy and bakery and the plain unboxed/plastic wrapped prepared foods) so its gonna be different.

              In San Diego we can get cream topped organic milk; haven't seen that at any other TJs, even in Pasadena, much less Michigan. The frozen burritos/mexican foods here are *very* spicy, the fresh salads are great, the fresh pizzas are different from place to place and the bread suppliers vary.

              The pre-packaged TJ brand stuff is consistent. Cookies/sweets at Christmas are pretty much nationwide. As are most of the standard shelf stocking things mentioned in the OP.

              Read *you* Frequent Flyer and decide. They have a liberal return policy and are good to their customers.

              Thanks for listening!

              1. Just went to TJ's in NYC today, and of my haul found two items to make mention:

                -- 4 oz. of fresh hen-of-the-woods mushrooms for $2.99 -- fantastic price for these hard to find at the store 'shrooms. These are going in my mushroom risotto tonight, but if they turn out well, I'm going to try to prepare them Craft-style.
                -- the premium imported dry penne in the fancy bag. 1 lb for $1.49, which oddly is just 30cents more than the crappy machine made pasta. This dry pasta has the rough texture outside of the really expensive dry pastas like Benedetto in the cobalt blue bag made in Puglia (you-know-what-I-mean) that usually cost $10 bucks a bag. Hope it tastes as good as it looks.