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Aug 9, 2006 04:27 AM

DONUT MAN question

does anyone know if they have the strawberry donut and peach donut? what else is good there besides the fruit ones... also, do they EVER have a white peach one?

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  1. Strawberry donut season is finished. The peach one hasn't begun yet as of last week. Apparently it's been a bad year for their peach supplier (the stone fruit industry in general). Those are the only two fresh fruit flavors they have.
    I always ask for whatever their freshest donuts are and I am usually happy. I like the tiger tails alot as well.

    1. I am PRETTY sure they have their Apple Donuts year around. These are just like the peach and strawberry, absolutely STUFFED with apple pie filling. Honestly, it's my absolute FAVORITE, it's like the Apple Fritter you'd get in heaven...


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        Didn't someone report on the other Donut Man thread that is going right now that they were there the other day and did get peach donuts?

      2. Yup
        Got peach donuts Saturday night.
        They warn that it will be a short season for them, though.

        I also like their tiger tails, which are basically long twists with cinnamon.

        They make a good basic donut too.