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Aug 9, 2006 03:43 AM

I caught 2 salmon in Lake Washington (Seattle) today.....

I filleted them, marinated them in soy/pure Canadian maple syrup and pureed ginger and I grilled them to a perfect medium.... I just tasted it and my knees actually gave out a little. mmmmmm At this point you are asking yourself....did she make this post just to gloat? Well... a little, but mostly I want your opinion as to what to do with the leftovers tomorrow. I was thinking of keeping it cold and serving it over a cucumberish salad with a creamy herb dressing (maybe dillish or something resembling but surpassing a green goddess type dressing). My other dressing choice would be that thin sweet/spicy/sourish sauce they serve at SE Asian restaurants. I think this would go well with the cucumberish salad.

What would you do?

Do you have a good recipe for either of these dressings?

Thank you!

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  1. I love raspberry dressing on cold salmon salad. Sprinkle w a few dried cranberries. Very refreshing in summer. Seve w/ couscous that have toasted pecans and dried cranberries. Yum! :) kq

    1. Braggart. Last month when I was in Olympia, WA I saw thick slabs of two types of wild salmon and one of halibut and wanted to rent a kitchen to cook them in. Alas, I was visiting and couldn't. So just eat them cold and think about how lucky you are.

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        I wear "braggart" like a badge. I was just literally laughing out loud. We just finished dinner... I have to say the leftovers were great. I put a tzatziki sauce on it and served it with greens that I bought at the farmers market today and a side of Bulger mixed with veggie stock and veggies. I can't wait to go fishing again!!

        PS If you are in that situation again, you are welcome to use my kitchen.

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          Thanks for the offer. It is a bit of a hike from Olympia to Seattle but rest assured that Seattle is one of my favorite cities. I always liked the Pike Street Market and the many innovative restaurants and the people, and if I'm up there again I'll be glad to see if your kitchen lending offer is still viable. At any rate, last Wednesday I did buy two pounds of one-inch thick line caught salmon, wild salmon, from Santa Monica Seafoods around here in Orange County, CA, where I live, and for a Birthday present for an old friend and her husbanmd, broiled them over my outdoor grill for four people with nothing on them, alongside of some long-cooked baked yams with lime squeezed on them and cilantro all mashed in their skins, plus some wonderful local sourdough rosemary bread. And then the next day my wife and I had the cold leftovers with some green salsa mayo, lettuce and tomato on the toasted rosemary and olive oil bread. Only thing is the salmon set me back so I had to mortgage my house and first-born. But it was worth it. Yummy. The salmon was like whipped butter and so light and tasty, literally melted in the mouth.

      2. Janedoe,

        I just replied to your post on the "summer comfort foods" thread. It seems I'm too late, but for future use, I listed a very easy recipe for a mustard dill sauce which goes very well with salmon.

        Your freshly caught salmon have me salivating. We've been eating wild Alaskan salmon this summer, but nothing beats a freshly caught fish.

        1. Chilled salmon pasta! Boil angel hair pasta (or even chow mein noodles), drain, and chill in ice water, and drain again. Blanch shredded cabbage (any kind, but I tend to use Chinese), onion, and a couple of julienned carrots, and chill them, too. Take your marinade and reduce it to a nice, thick syrup. Break the salmon up into bite-sized chunks or smaller. Toss everything together and dress with the reduced marinade.

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            Perfect for the last official weekend of summer! Now to find something resembling fresh salmon in Stlouis!, how about trout?

          2. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions!