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Aug 9, 2006 03:38 AM

Best dishes @ Alberta, BonTon, Felix's, Drago's, Domilise's, Central Grocery, Liuzza's, D&J's, Hymel's, Middendorf's?

I have culled all you guys' ideas for places for my upcoming visit and have narrowed down the list to the following. What would you recommend at each? (I think I have eaten at Brigsten's years ago. How long has it been around? Is it in a converted house on the end of a trolley line? & am I remiss to not return? Even though I have limited time and a desire for more down home food?)

Bon Ton
Central Grocery
Dick & Jenny's

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  1. Central Grocery - Muffaletta, Zapps chips & a Barq's Rootbeer.

    Hymel's - Fried Shrimp for sure! The tartar sauce is divine.

    Middendorf's - Fried catfish in nice thin pieces, fried to perfection in the almighty peanut oil.

    Brigtsens is on Dante St. in the Riverbend area (yes for the streetcar)..I have not eaten there post-K, but hear the prices have gone up, and portions have decreased...however, who knows if that is true - I have always loved the food, particularly the rabbit tenderloin w/Creole Mustard, soft-shell crab, seafood platter, and I once had an amazing peanut butter mousse for dessert there....I would go and check it out if you can.

    1. At Drago's, THE must have is the Charbroiled Oysters. I am also a big fan of their
      Spinach Oyster soup, but all the soups are good. When it comes to Drago's, if it looks good to you, you'll love it.

      1. --gumbo & crabmeat au gratin at Bon Ton
        --skip Felix's
        --Central Grocery only has one thing (besides groceries): muffelattas
        --which Liuzza's? Garlic oyster poboy at BTT; fried potato poboy or chicken liver poboy on Bienville St.
        --the boiled beef dinner w/horseradish sauce at Hymels (or any of their boiled seafood, esp crabs or shrimp)
        --charbroiled oysters at Drago's (rest of the menu is ho-hum, IMHO)

        If casual, downhome is what you seek, you might also like Crabby Jack's (Jacques Leonardi of Jacques-Imos casual lunch spot)...Jefferson Highway right by the train tracks/Orleans-Jefferson parish line) Try the duck poboy.

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Thanks, guys.

          Celeste, I just came from eating there and whoever answered the phone said it was the only one, on Bienville. Maybe the girl who answered didn't know and it's only been re-opened for 5 weeks. But I now see that BTT is somewhere else. Ok, another excuse for another PB!

          Also, if you would nix Felix's, where would you recommend for raw seafood, beer, etc.?

          1. re: rsugden

            Well of course they told you they're the only one...technically they're the only one named "Liuzza's". The other one is "Liuzza's By the Track". Incidentally, what did you eat at Liuzza's and was it good?

            Personally, I'm not eating raw oysters in August when coastal waters in the gulf are upwards of 85 degrees; why tempt fate? Eat cooked oysters in the heat of summer, hedge your bets. In cooler months, I eat raw oysters at Casamentos, Dragos, Acme out in Metairie, and on the back patio with friends when an oysterman hooks me up with a half a sack.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              The food and atmosphere was very nice at Liuzza's. We had oyster PB, gumbo, and Abita. Tonight we finally did make it to LBTT but they stopped serving at 5pm. Instead, some friend's took us to Parasol and we had the roast beef PB, and I hate to admit it, the cheese fries with gravy. I loved it, but then I am from white trash stock. The roast beef was moist, flavorful and garlicy.

              Also went to Central Grocery for lunch and was blown away. My girfriend, who's an Italian from Brooklyn said it tasted like what you could get in Sheep's Head Bay 30 years ago.

              As to the raw oysters in Aug, I can't decide about the risk. Maybe just once?

        2. Bon Ton - crabmeat au gratin....hands down

          Dragos - not crazy about the chargrilled ersters everyone raves about...soups are wonderful

          Felix - raw ersters...avoid everything else

          Central Grocery - not much other than the muff

          Liuzza's - as Ms. Celeste says, the garlic shrimp (or do they call it something else) po-boy

          Doms - roast beef po-boy

          Middendorfs - cocktails, food all tastes the same to me...not impressed. But most HIGHLY recommend the thin sliced catfish. Sorry, tastes like batter IMO.

          1. is Middendorf's open yet? as for Central Grocery- they're keeping wierd hours and the Napolean House Muff seems to be better these days...make sure to order cold