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Aug 9, 2006 03:06 AM

does kimchee go bad?

i brought back a container of homemade kimchee from a korean friend in chicago to california, havent dived into it yet about a month later. visibly, olfactorily seems ok...any warning signs i should be aware of? (it wasnt refrigerated for 6 hour flight)

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  1. i think the kimchee will out live us all

    1. kimchee is great! Although i wouldn't trust leaving the stuff out for long.

      1. I toss mine if I haven't eaten it by the time the harder pieces lose their crispness completely and become mushy - the daikon version is especially bad when the pieces become soft and mushy.

        1. Generally I go by taste, but there are some visual signs. If you are talking about Napa Cabbage kimchee, if the white of cabbage lose their whiteness and start to become soggy and 'dingy'-looking the kimchee is overripe and it's time to cook it.

          You can saute it with some bacon, onions and some spices to make kimchee bokum, make kimchee chigae or saute it into fried rice. Just google for recipes.

          1. You really want to eat your kimchi within a few weeks. After that it is simply past it's prime, but still good for soup or fried rice. My husband hates kimchi and won't even stay in the room when I eat it. But he loves my kimchi fried rice!

            I notice that when it's too old it starts to get kind of translucent and also a little bit floppy.

            You know what, why not call your friend who made the kimchi. She would definitely be able to give you some really good ideas of ways to use the little bit that's left.