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ekiben of japan

kare_raisu Aug 9, 2006 02:58 AM

this is a topic i am extremely interested in, andy chowhounds out there have experience with this treats? please describe!

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  1. Silverjay RE: kare_raisu Aug 9, 2006 03:18 AM

    You're being a little overly enthusiastic if you call ekiben "treats", although certain stations are known for having better than others- usually pertaining to the local specialty. Ekiben are more custom than cuisine, though maybe people can share some tips. As for me, the most memorable ekiben was this amazing tonkatsu lunch my brother bought at Shin-Yokohama station a few years ago. Who would've guessed that Mark Twain would be back in this world as sauce on a fried pork cutlet.?.?. See links-



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    1. re: Silverjay
      rameniac RE: Silverjay Jan 2, 2007 01:28 AM

      lol silverjay that's awesome. did you put it on ebay and have the golden palace casino buy it like they did that piece of toast with Jesus on it? now to keep this on topic - did the person at the bento-ya sauce your katsu or did you put that on yourself?

      1. re: rameniac
        Silverjay RE: rameniac Jan 3, 2007 02:34 AM

        I can't remember, it was about 5 years ago. We didn't notice it until some time later.

    2. FoodFuser RE: kare_raisu Sep 19, 2006 04:07 AM

      Here's a fun site with hundreds of pics of bento's. It's in Japanese, but all the hyperlinks lead to pics.


      Bento is a delightful way to sample the diversity of everyday food. A random assortment of "a little bit of lots of different things."

      1. FoodFuser RE: kare_raisu Oct 9, 2006 10:45 PM

        Here's a Flicker site with pics of over 1000 homemade bento's.


        1. FoodFuser RE: kare_raisu Dec 31, 2006 01:19 AM

          A bento lover's blog:


          1. Silverjay RE: kare_raisu Jan 1, 2007 02:14 AM

            If you can read Japanese, there`s a book I saw in the store the other day in Tokyo that`s all about eki-ben of Japan. You can probably get it off of Japanese Amazon. I actually thought of this thread when I saw it.

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              Onibaba RE: kare_raisu Feb 28, 2007 06:42 PM

              2 excellent bento blogs and a fine Ekiben book (sadly out of print but findable online):


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