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Aug 9, 2006 02:09 AM

Bahn Mi at Top Baguette -- LIttle Saigon

Was lucky enough to find myself near Westminster, so I took Professor Salt's recommendation for Top Baguette as THE place for a great banh mi.

I ordered my standard Dac Biet, but the enthusiastic proprietor suggested I try their super combo which, apparently, included everything except the kitchen sink.

It was excellent, although I wasn't really in the mood for the meatballs they added. Please don't get me wrong; they were delicious, just not what I was after when I really wanted to compare a traditional dac biet to others I have had.

I'll certainly go back as soon as I can to get the more traditional version.

What's interesting is how they do this for only two bucks! There seems to be some ethos about how no one can charge more than that for this great sandwich. How do they survive? It's easily worth twice that.

9602 Bolsa Avenue, Westminster

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  1. The bread is the real difference , they make it fresh. Professor and a few of us CH's took a mini tour of their bakery in the back and it's amazing how the dough is worked by hand to perfection! Then Baked.

    1. Bob Brooks -- if you are to go back (and I know you will because you are still thinking about it, huh!), be sure to have their Vietnamese iced coffee. It is far superior to most!