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Aug 9, 2006 02:08 AM

Fuzhou / Fujian Wontons

I am in search of Fuzhou Wontons. My mom makes them when we can get the wonton wrappers which is not very often as they come from Asia and its really not legal to bring them here.

The wontons are wrapped in a meat wrapper that has a chewy/crunchy texture. They are usually stuffed with pork, mushrooms, and dried shrimp and are of a comet like shape.

I didn't think anyone made them in the United States, since the wrappers can only be found in Asia; however, I recently heard of a restaurant in SF that served them, so I am on this mission now. If anyone knows where to get them, let me know.

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  1. There's virtually nothing Fuzhou in the L.A. area. There's Foo Chow in Chinatown which trumpets their being the setting for the first Rush Hour movie ahead of their food, and maybe a fast food place in a Rowland Heights food court. Manhattan would be your best bet since the eastern part of NY Chinatown is predominantly Fuzhou in influence. Maybe Philadelphia Chinatown, too.

    1. the foo chow in chinatown has a meat ball wrapped in a meat wrapper in soup, and a meat ball "wrapped" in a fish paste ball. both are available in soup.

      had decent versions in flushing last time i was in ny.

      1. My wife is Fujian and she was delighted to see the Foo Chow restaurant in Chinatown when we passed through. One evening we tried it, although I was deeply skeptical of its authenticity. To my surprise, my wife said the fish ball(Fujian wantons)noodle soup was pretty good, as was the red wine fish! To my palate, the food had a little more of a vinegary taste to it than the Cantonese food that I am more used to.

        1. There is a fish market on Garvey and Del Mar area that sells Fuzhou fish balls.

          1. looking for wontons not the fish balls =) i can make the fish balls... the won tons are wontons but wrapped in a wrapper thats pounded flat made of meat and starch?