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Aug 9, 2006 02:00 AM

birthday dinner. EM BISTRO?

I'm being taken to dinner for my birthday in a couple of weeks ... I checked Zagat, and EM Bistro sounds good to me ... anyone been there lately?

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  1. was that on beverly where the old atlantic used to be? i think it shut down last year. or am i thinking of somewhere else?

    1. It closed and became Solare, which has also since closed.

      1. For what it's worth, EM Bistro was good. :-)

        I suggest you go to JAR, which is right across the street, for a phenomenal birthday dinner.

        Or, for al fresco Italian dining and definite celebrity sightings, Pane e Vino, which is also across the street.

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          i agree - i really liked EM bistro, and Jar is a great spot for a birthday dinner, with a somewhat similar feel and menu. lucques is another nice spot for a celebration in that general vicinity.