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Aug 9, 2006 01:02 AM

The anti-Farmhouse Inn dinner [moved from California board]

I'm very excited to be going up to the Farmhouse Inn in Forestville very soon for a weekend - we have reservations for dinner there that Saturday, but as for Friday night after we arrive, where should we dine?

The thing is, I want a very casual place (preferably with beer/wine) that will be a contrast to our Saturday splurge. Any good BBQ places, pizza joints, or hamburger havens? Bonus points if it's less than a 30 minute drive from Forestville.

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  1. in Graton:
    Willow Wood Market and Cafe
    Underwood Bistro

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    1. re: Cynsa

      Would love to hear a report on the newly remodeled Willow Wood.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        We stopped there for brunch on 4th of July weekend and enjoyed it. I think I had the huevos rancheros; it was tasty, but the eggs were overcooked. My wife had one of the polenta dishes and loved it. Our son's french toast was also very good. Best part was the coffee--I wish I could remember where it was from.

        1. re: Jeff

          Thanks so much for the update. Huh, overcooked eggs at Willow Wood, that's a first and criminal there.

          I just found a website - the coffee is Taylor Maid and the coffee is Ecco, both local.

    2. The Casino in Bodega town -

      The archetypical anti-Farmhouse Inn but limited on beer and wine.

      1. I think the OP means "ante", not "anti", unless you are really against Farmhouse Inn. You might check out Topolos in Forestville. Nice ambiance, outside patio and good Greek food. Its only a few miles from Farmhouse just off the highway.

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        1. re: OldTimer

          The outgoing message on the telephone answering machine still says the restaurant is closed and in escrow.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

   was a neat place, especially on those balmy days near the river. Wife's favorite was the salad in a cup...fresh tomatoes, Kalamatas, feta cubes, red onion, balsamic and good Greek olive oil. Yum.

          2. re: OldTimer

            Actually, one of the definitions of "anti" is "opposite of", which was what I meant.

            But I suppose "ante" is apropros too! I I love Greek food, so thank for the recommendation.

            1. re: Absonot

              If you have time on Sunday, drop by the farmers market in Sebastopol (10:30ish to 1:30pm) for breakfast or lunch at Mateo Granados booth.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Tamales!!! Yes, thank you so much for the great idea.

                1. re: Absonot

                  I should mention that the tamales may be more like $5 each, though one can hope that the $5 sign meant TWO.

                  Mateo Granados post -

                  Oh, and last weekend was the grand opening for a lovely tea house across the street (in the same shopping center as Whole Foods, to the left of the entrance) from the farmers market. I wanted to try it, but the lines were toooo long. I was most intrigued by the small plates inspired by different tea drinking cultures and actually cooked with tea, e.g., momos filled with tofu, veggies and snow buds white tea. It's called Infusions, and carries a line of organic loose tea.

                  1. re: Absonot

                    Had more delicious treats from Mateo that I need to post about. But wanted to add that the tamale plate is $5, which is one tamale with rice, beans, and a side salad of greens that were topped with purslane. Two tamales on the plate is $9, and you can get any six tamales + two salsas for $20.