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Aug 9, 2006 12:57 AM

JB Makimono is gone, and...

...has been replaced by a new Jack&Grace venture, an oyster bar/small plates restaurant (i missed the name), which seems like a combination of J's Luxury Oyster Bar and Degustation...i peeked in and glanced at the menu...the interior has been painted red and is much cozier than Makimono (which was too sterile for my taste)...the menu is a little on inventive side: while there are 2 dollar raw oysters, most of the small plates are things like "Lobster Profiteroles", etc...

i might check it out later this week for raw oysters, although nothing among the menu's cooked small plates really sounded attractive to me personally...

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  1. When I walked past, the sign said that Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar itself is moving into the Makimono space. I believe I read on that the building which formerly housed the Oyster Bar has been sold.

    Edit: I see it's still on the market.