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Aug 9, 2006 12:39 AM

Dining Alone in Vancouver

I'm in town for a few days in early Sept. – looking for recommendations of dining spots appropriate for solo diners, whether they offer conversation and meeting people or just welcome the table-for-one scenario. (Agewise, I'm closer to reading glasses than Speedos.) I love the ethnic and seafood options the city offers – when I'm with my family, we usually opt for places like Hon's, Lilliget, Armacord or Raincity if we're breaking the bank. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I will have one night in Vancouver later in the month and my research elsewhere led me to West and Cru as options. I prefer to eat at the bar than a table for one. Other suggestions welcome!

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      We are going later this month also and I have been doing a TON of research! I was calling around making my reservations earlier today (everyone acted like I was crazy for making them so far in advance!) and the guys at Wild Rice, while they don't take reservations, were extremely nice! This will be one of our top picks for while we're in Vancouver, and he said they serve the full menu at the bar. Wish I could offer firsthand advice, but soon enough, soon enough!! :-)

    2. GUU - they have a great bar and eating alone here you will blend right in. There is so much to watch and the atmosphere is so fun that you will not feel like you are there alone - chances are if you sit up at the bar the people next to you will start talking to you.

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        Just bear in mind that there are about three different Guu restaurants and each one features slightly different foods. I prefer the Robson location for food and atmosphere. Another japanese tapas type place is Hapa Izakaya also on Robson and that is a favorite. THey have a really good selection.

      2. Guu - I agree the Robson street location is by far the best, with the Gas Town location being my second choice. However, if you are eating solo the Robson location is better for that as they have a larger bar. I am not a fan of Hapa at all and would say try Guu, Gyoza King or Zakkushi before heading to Hapa (they are all in the same area, with in a block of each other)

        1. Thanks much for the advice, these sound like excellent choices. Not sure what it will be like trying to get into "Guu" on a Friday or Saturday for dinner but it sounds like it could be worth it. Also considering the bar at the BlueWater Grill – anyone have any thoughts on that?

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          1. re: BobtheBigPig

            I made resos (no more than a week in advance) at Gw/G for 7pm on a Friday a little over a month ago, the two of us were seated within minutes, YMMV with a larger party that requires a table, but the counter seating is the way to go. Enjoy!

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              Just went to Guu in Gastown last weekend. Family walked in with no reseervation and went to the bar. Had a good experince with fine food, and my daughter fell in love with the staff, another story. Have a great time.

            2. I would make West a priority. You can eat at the bar comfortably or often get a table for one on relatively short notice. Cioppino is also a good place to eat at the bar and the food is excellent. For something a bit more hip, try Feenies or Lumiere Bar (reservations recommended even for just one person) and if Chinese appeals, you will be treated very well at the Kirin Mandarin and the Golden Szechuan.

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              1. re: Peter Rodgers

                Second that emotion as to making West a priority. Best restaurant in North America, IMNSHO.
                The bar is lovely and would make a great place for a solo dinner. Go before 6PM, choose from a limited menu and save a bunch of loonies.