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Aug 9, 2006 12:38 AM


Has anybody been here?

I have heard good things.

let me know.

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  1. very good meat quality but you also pay for it. its on the expensive side of koreatown meat joints.
    try going there for lunch..i think they have lunch specials.
    rumor has it that former dodger Chan Ho PArk owns it...but thats just a rumor i heard months ago.
    but overall very good meat quality. almost like the difference between a steak from Norms (koreatown allyou can eat places) and getting a steak from Houstons (parks). dont think its like mortons! i have yet to find a korean bbq place that outshines the rest by that much.

    1. Park's is the only place I go for my Korean barbecue fix. Granted, I never order the marinated kalbi, so if that's what you are looking for maybe other places are better. But for me, I think the quality of meat is better than any other Korean barbecue place in the city, so I prefer to simply sprinkle on a little salt on the unmarinated prime short ribs and pop them in my mouth.

      They do offer lettuce upon request and sometimes don't even serve kimchee with the kalbi unless you ask for it.

      They do not offer a lunch special either. Most people simply order either their kalbi tang (a garlicy soup with tender fatty, delicious pieces of kalbi) or their bibimbop, which comes in a skillet rather than a bowl. Both are priced under $10 and are certainly worth it, IMHO.

      Also, Chan Ho Park is a regular there and is friends with the owner, but does not actually own the restaurant.

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      1. re: ninja

        where's better for the marinated kalbi? i've got a taste for them and want to go
        to a high quality place that is very clean with the best of ingredients.

      2. If you go to Park's, you must get the pork belly. It is one of the best in town. Also, I would suggest the kalbi tang (short rib soup) if you are looking for something comforting.

        1. Could you please give me the address and phone. Thank you

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          1. re: bocarw

            Park's BBQ
            955 South Vermont Avenue
            Los Angeles

          2. My favorite Korean charcoal BBQ joint.

            Get the #2.

            Won't be disappointed.