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Aug 9, 2006 12:16 AM

"Ultimate? BLT" at Taylor's Refesher

Today we had lunch at Taylor's in the Ferry Building. My mother and I both had the "Ultimate BLT" with heirloom tomatoes, etc. on Acme pain de mie. It was $9.99 as oppposed to the regular BLT for $5.99. It was one of those dishes where you wonder whether anyone who works at a restaurant has ever actually tried to eat it. The bread, though delicious, was sliced really thickly, as were the equally delicious tomatoes. It was impossible to fit into your mouth, and everything sort of slid around when you bit into it.I gave up almost immediately and ate it semi-decontructed with a knife and fork. All the components were really good, but the execution was faulty. So I wouldn't order it again, especially for the extra money. My daughter had the grilled cheese which was on normal-size bread. She said it was great. The sweet potato fries were their usual fabulous selves. So just a cautionary note!

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  1. The same exact thing happened to me last week when I ordered a tomato/cucumber sandwich at Magnolia!

    The bread was too crusty and chewy to bite through cleanly, and when you took a bite, the tomatoes and cucumber just slid right out. REALLY annoying. You would think they would use a softer bread. I also had to deconstruct it and eat it with a knife and fork.

    Thanks for the warning -- that is just the type of sandwich I would have leapt for, and I would have been incredibly annoyed with it.

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      I wouldn't negate the good 'crusty bread' New York when they make Hero sandwiches on Italian/French bread, they often scoop out much of the middle...less bread to chew through, the ingredients have a nice place to nestle, and you still get the extra crusty texture...I posit, that they just don't 'build' the sandwichs correctly here...

    2. I had that Ultimate BLT at Taylors last week, and was also disappointed -- the tomatoes were fabulous but cut WAY too thick to be in a sandwich, there was way too much mayo, and the biggest problem was that the bacon was very thin and limp and flavorless. Especially next to the great tomato and the good bread, the bacon should have been equally good, and it just wasn't.

      1. Had the seasonal BLT at Lulu on Sunday. It was good, but it was not $12.25 good. Deconstructed, all of the individual ingredients could have used some improvement.

        BUT the grilled corn on the cob (cut in three pieces) served on a mound of soft butter mixed with a generous helping of truffle shavings was AMAZING. We slapped away the hands of servers who wanted to clear the plate with the leftover truffle butter and spread it on pretty much everything else.