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Aug 8, 2006 11:32 PM

DINNER HELP....MAIN ST near Marine in SM

Please suggest a yummy dinner place within walking distance to celebrate 10 year old daughter's musical theatre performance. Seafood and Asian are ok! Thanks.

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  1. i think the galley is close

    1. Chaya Venice is quite good and very close-by.

      1. La Vecchia ain't bad at all.

        1. Chaya has great Japanese fusion food and sushi, but might be a bit too adult for a 10-year old.

          Perhaps Lula's Oaxacan-style Mexican on Main Street, slightly north of Marine? It's casual, festive for a little one and has good food. Not stellar, but good. The sampler platters are my favorite so that you can try everything.

          Dagwood's, also on Main, has GREAT pizza. There are also meatball sandwiches and salads for the grownups, but the pizza is the star. A very casual pizza joint, but clean and kid-friendly.

          Whatever you do, avoid Schatzi's (Schwarzenegger's restaurant) like the plague. Some of the worst food ever deliberately served to the public.

          720 Main St
          Santa Monica, CA 90405
          (310) 392-5711
          Cross Street: Hill Street

          202 Main St Ste A
          Venice, CA 90291 View Map
          (310) 392-1450

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              And another. I would go so far as to say it is the worst food I have ever encountered. Shocking.

            1. re: cupcake

              Enterprise Fish Co. is a very average seafood chain restaurant-type place. Very large space, so the service is spotty. Hot fresh bread, but really nothing much to recommend.