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Aug 8, 2006 11:29 PM

Lunch near Rockafeller Center

My friend just got a job around there, and would like to meet up for lunch. I've been pretty uninspired by places around there - basically, we'd like something with a little flavor (Indian or Thai would be great, but open to anything), not too expensive, that we could get in and out of in under an hour and 15 minutes.


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  1. My old standby when I worked in the neighborhood was Akdeniz, a Turkish place on the south side of 46th Street between 5th and 6th. Great dips and sublime bread, and friendly, speedy service. Not terrifically spicey as a rule, but very tasty and reasonably priced.

    1. I'll second Akdeniz. The food is very fresh and the service is fast. Also Utsav on 46th/6th for a fresh Indian lunch buffet in a nice setting.

      1. I couldn't get the results to sort properly and wasn't willing to wade through the ancient threads that came up first, but if you search on this board on "rockefeller center" (note spelling) and then sort by date, you should find a couple of recent threads on this topic,not to mention dozens over the past few years.

        1. Some places convenient to Rockefeller Center:

          Wu Liang Ye, on 48th between 5th-6th Avenues, has great Chinese food.

          For very good Indian (and the best of the Midtown, all you can eat buffet lunches, IMHO) try Utsav, 46th between 6th and 7th.

          For reliable coffee shop food (grilled cheese, burgers) in a well preserved 1950s setting, try Prime Burger, on 51st, between Madison and 5th.

          Topaz Thai, on 56th, between 6th & 7th, is a bit farther afield and can get pretty crowded, but has good, reasonably priced Thai food.

          Menchenko-Tei on 55th street (can't recall now which Avenues it is between) has wonderful Japanese soups.

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          1. For Indian there's a ton of great places... Kati Roll, Minar or Rangole (if you want a cheap buffet).

            Korean food (or typical deli/salad fare) at Cafe Duke.

            Ramen at Menchenko Tei, Men Kui Tei or Sapporo

            For truly quick and cheap Thai food check out Yum Thai.

            Tons of good places if you know where to look (