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Aug 8, 2006 10:39 PM

Square One

Has anyone had experience with really terrible service lately at Square One? It was so bad on Sunday that I have vowed never to go back. I've been probably five or six times in the last four months and have usually not had a problem. However, Sunday was a mess. My party of seven was seated on the patio. We ended up waiting about 15 minutes for menus; coffee and water didn't come for about 20 minutes (we flagged down another staff person for that); and our server didn't appear for 30, even after we had let several people know we were very ready to order. When our food did arrive, there was about a ten minute gap between when three of us received our breakfasts and when the rest of the table did. On top of everything, three of the orders were wrong. The restaurant wasn't particularly busy when we arrived. The kitchen also appeared to be able to keep up because other diners seemed to be getting their food in a pretty timely fashion. Also, our server wasn't new, we've actually had her before. So, any of the the usual factors that would cause bad service didn't seem to be in play. I'm really disappointed because I've really liked having another breakfast option in the neighborhood

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  1. I've had a similar experience there. The people they hire are extremely friendly, but they are spineless and lack motivation (how's that for harsh?). They keep apologizing but don't have the where-with-all to DO something about it, and it doesn't seem to occur to them that maybe some extra bread or a comp would alleviate a bit of the tension.

    Too bad, the food is really good.

    1. Exactly our experience also. A real disappointment considering the quality of the food. After dealing with the impossible parking and then HORRIBLE service, why bother?

      1. Similar experience with slooooow service and limited interaction with our server. When the food finally came it was delicious... now if only it hadn't been cold! I'm glad to hear ours wasn't an isolated experience in this vein, but less eager to give Square One another chance; the menu has many options I'd like to try still.

        1. Yup,here too -- we haven't been back in six weeks. We waited and waited for our brunch (they had a large party there -- soooo???? figure it out, folks). When we finally ordered, I asked for fruit with my eggs benedict (I had done this before, and they charged me a buck or two xtra for the fruit), but when we got the check, they charged us $15 for the meal, meaning they charged about $4-5 for the fruit! Plus, we waited so long for our meal that we had to order coffee cake cause we were starving -- and they didn't even comp us for that, knowing how long we were waiting. Tacky, tacky, tacky! We were so frustrated, that we just paid and left. Haven't been back since -- I hope they read these postings.

          1. We went on Saturday and had great service and great food. We sat on the patio, and had no problems.