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Aug 8, 2006 10:09 PM

Dim sum in PDX

Any good recs for dim sum and or good Thai.
First time in PDX any other must do eats.

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  1. The only truly good choice for dim sum is Wong's King at 87th and Division. It's served 7 days a week.

    Pok Pok is closed for August, otherwise it might be my first choice for Thai. I also like Siam Society, which is sort of upscale Thai. Their catfish curry and mussaman curries explode with flavor. Their sausage wraps are very tasty. Their spring rolls smell like doughnuts and are very good. Cha Ba is my favorite for a more standard Thai menu. However, it's their rotating monthly specials that set them apart, imo. Order off that menu and you'll get their best, in general.

    1. How about Typhoon? SW Broadway. Good Thai.
      Silk..formerly Pho Van Bistro..great for lunch or dinner NW Glisan

      Only Thai and Chinese or anything ?

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        Going to Painted Lady in Newberg for dinner. The other 2 nights and several days we are open for suggestions but will be in PDX.
        A place called Ripe was suggested.
        Anything else we must do. Staying at Heathman....heard they have a good restaurant.
        For lunches and breakafasts we are into good cheap eats.

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          Ripe is closed, as is one of their other restaurants, Gotham Bldg Tavern. clarklewis, their third restaurant, is still open, but not downtown.

          My favorite cheap eats downtown is Karam, a Lebanese restaurant. There are lots of food carts downtown, too, with a huge variety of ethnicities represented.

          The Heathman is a good restaurant. Perhaps not among the very best, but still worth eating at for sure. A very good breakfast option, too. Other worthwhile restaurants relatively nearby, though none are among my very favorite, are Southpark, Higgins, Typhoon, and Pazzo. A little farther away in downtown are Saucebox and Carafe. Next to Carafe is our city's best sushi, Murata.

          You're very close to the Portland Farmers Market, both the big one on Saturday mornings, and the smaller one on Wednesday afternoons. I HIGHLY recommend hitting the Saturday one if you have a chance. A definite must do.

          Here are some pictures, etc, of various farmers markets:

      2. I like eating at the bar in the Heathman before a show at the Schnitzer next door.Dinner ( in the dining room)can be very good, spotty service sometimes.
        Breakfast-Mothers Bistro on Stark & 2nd..
        Good fun Italian in the Pearl is Piazza Italia on NW 12th & can get there by streetcar..walk around in the Pearl once you are there..very Italian, everything fresh, good pastas, large portions, not expensive.
        Lunch in the Pearl around the corner from Powells could be Henrys Tavern. If you like beer, they have something like 100 on tap..a great nice dining room with huge booths and great service, large portions..decent sandwiches etc..
        Breakfast for us is often the Pearl Bakery on NW Couch and 9th..sit inside or outdoors..
        or down on the next corner from the Bakery is Fullers Coffee Shop..basic diner type place, been there forever..local favorite.
        And my own new favorite, Everett Street Bistro, NW Everett & 12th. Breakfast lunch and dinner..most of these have websites and you can look at their menus.