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Aug 8, 2006 09:40 PM

Best Dim Sum In SF

I'm going to be in San Francisco for a weekend, and I'm looking for recommendations on the best Dim Sum in town, probably for Saturday or Sunday brunch. I don't really care about the cost, and "traditional" or "dive" places are fine with me, as are slightly Americanized versions of dim sum. All I care about is whether the food tastes amazing. Any recommendations? I've read through some posts, and the list I've come up with so far is:

(1) Yank Sing; (2) Koi Palace; and (3) Ton Kiang.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. If you wanted the place to be within city limits, you might start a Chowhound fight. But if you include Koi Palace (Daly City, just south of SF proper), you'll start fewer arguments because Koi is more widely acknowledged as superior to anything in the city.

    1. I vote for Koi Palace. The dim sum I've had there has been truly delicious, the service (as well as I remember) quite good, and -- according to my chinese friends anyway -- the food is fairly authentic flavorwise. However, on Saturday/Sunday be prepared to wait at least an hour if you get there past 10am.

      I don't like Yank Sing anymore, and never did like Ton Kiang.


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        Koi Palace is unbeatable for Cantonese seafood and dim sum. The food is "authentic" and the quality is superb. My parents are visiting from LA this weekend and I'm taking them to Koi Palace for dinner AND dim sum the following day. It's by far better than any Cantonese restaurant I've had in LA or NYC. On Saturday we're going to the Ferry Building of course.

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          Where in DC or SSF is Koi Palace located? I veto Ton Kiang it's bad. Perod. Except for the pot stickers, greens, amd crispy roast duck. These items out of a $50 lunch for 2 - and I'm not a huge eater - were the only things worth eating. The shrimp were not the best shrimp they could serve - in terms of quality. The Mayflower on the same side of Geary, a few blocks out is better and less expensive. Much less expensive is Lee Hou (my own favorite for dim sum) on the north side of Clement around 4th. ave.

        2. Yank Sing and Ton Kiang are strictly Gweilo "A" List places, and Koi Palace isn't in the City. If you want something more authentic and a tad more soulful (but not divey) try Gold Mountain or Lichee Garden. If you want divey but good try Y. Ben House.

          1. I read recently about Tian Sing near Union Square (thanks Noodles). I had lunch there last week. It is not too popular so you may have to order off the menu, because they don't have too many carts going by, which is large and has some creative dishes. The food is not too pricey, is fresh and the service is very accomodating.

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              You're welcome! (I'm formerly nooodles). I'm glad more people are finding their way there, because I went when they were brand new and was hoping they'd go from good to great.

            2. i had some truly excellent and very affordable dim sum at golden river (the place next door to ton kiang) on saturday. not on the level of koi palace, to be sure, but everything was delicious.

              i would definetely go back there before setting foot in yank sing or ton kiang.