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Aug 8, 2006 09:06 PM

Has anyone eaten at The Fountain, at The Four Seasons Hotel?


I am wondering if anyone has been to The Fountain for dinner recently. I am more of a Matyson's, Devon's kind of girl, but am very happy to dress up and enjoy elegance and fine dining at The Fountain.

Will be going there Thursday for dinner. Any reviews on the food or service? How about prices? I won't be drinking, but am thinking of having the filet mignon or the lobster.

Thank you!


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  1. Allow me to clarify the names the other two restaurants you mentioned: “Matyson” and “Devon”; neither is possessive.

    1. I had dinner there a few weeks ago. Better than my last visit, and the chocolate souffle dessert was particularly good. The soup was excellent. Can't remember what I had for an entree, probably fish, and I remember liking it. Service was outstanding. I don't think it's up to the level of Le Bec Fin, or Lacroix (although I haven't been there since the chef retired).

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        I've only been for breakfast, which might be easier to execute, but I thought it was fantastic, and I agree that the service (which I would imagine is the same throughout different meals) was memorably good. It is pricey though, I think we spent $70 for breakfast for 2.

      2. Thank you for your responses. We've since decided to not invest in The Fountain, but dine a few more times at Devon Seafood. When I do get there, I will post a follow-up message describing my experience. Thank you again.