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Aug 8, 2006 08:55 PM

How are the Taiwanese snacks/eats at L'epi Dor Bakery in Cupertino?

L'Epi Dor is the Cupertino area favorite Taiwanese/Japanese bakery.
Everyone has been going there for bread, coffee, and various other baked items.

In the past year or so it has grown to offer more specials that are not mentioned in the website's menu.

I've been noticing the freezer section that they are offering some interesting Taiwanese eats/snacks. Who has tried these and can comment?

- Gong wan - Taiwanese style meatballs (typically used in soups)

- Taiwanese sausage (xiang chang) - how do these compare with Sinbala's?

- won duan - something that looks remotely like Taiwanese style won tons, no idea what filling is inside of them

- green onion pancake - doesn't look very spectacular, but it is the raw kind which you fry at home.

Not in the freezer section but there are signs in Chinese that offer tofu fa (hot or cold) - has anyone tried this?

The final item of interest is a Japanese mochi bun. I saw a few old Japanese American men come in earlier today and they bought quite a few, and said it was fantastic. $1.25 each and they can heat it up for you on their grill. Might give this a try next time and see what the fuss is all about :-)

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  1. I'd love to hear about the gong won and taiwanese sausage. My husband loves gong won and is always trying to find a place which sells it (sadly, Ranch in Cupertino doesn't have it)