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Aug 8, 2006 08:38 PM

Stone Brewing Company Pub

Has anyone been to the new Stone Brewing Co. Pub in Escondido? I am heading down to SD County in a couple of weeks and have been anxious for this place to open (it seems to have been delayed a bit). Just wondering how the chow stacks up--i.e., is it just standard brewpub fare ala Gordon Biersch or anything outstanding? I know their beer is good, but not sure what to expect in terms of food.

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    1. re: Josh

      Dang, they are sure taking their sweet time. I recall that it was supposed to open in the fall of 2005. Thanks for letting me know.

    2. As of November 2nd Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens is open. Go check it out.

      1. I went a couple of times in the past few days. Overall, I was pretty happy with my experience. There were a few minor glitches that one should expect with any new restaurant.

        They aren't officially open, by the way, but in the midst of a soft launch. You can go there and eat/drink, but there will be kinks being worked out.

        One thing to be mindful of is that the menu is pretty unique, and won't be well suited to people looking for the standard pub fare. There's no "normal" pub food on the menu - the closest thing would be the buffalo burger (which is awesome).

        The desserts are very good - the smoked porter cherry cheesecake is incredible. There's also a pasilla chile/smoked porter BBQ sauce that comes with the onion rings that is my new favorite thing.

        1. Josh, how are the prices? The menu looks great to me. Do they have a wine list(I know, I know)?

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          1. re: sdnativa

            Prices range from moderate to the low end of high. IIRC, there were many dishes at the $12-15 level, and a few at the $20-25 level. The menu tops out at $40 for a 20 oz. steak for two which comes with three side dishes.

            They do offer some wines, but I didn't pay much attention to that. Being a beer nut, I was pretty impressed with their selection. All the Stone beers (natch), plus all the beers they distribute (which is a lot).

            Another aspect to the beer service that I like is they offer 4 oz. tasters for between $1 and $1.50. It's a nice way to sample some of their stronger offerings without getting too plastered to drive home. 16 oz. of oaked Arrogant Bastard on top of a meal would mean instant naptime for me.

            1. re: Josh

              Are all of the beers available as 4 oz tasters, or are there set "flights", like at a wine bar? This sounds like an interesting concept; as a light drinker I often hesitate at ordering more than one or two beers when they come in 16 or 20 oz portions.

              The website now claims "Yes, we are open." Did they have their official opening recently, or should we wait a little while longer?

              1. re: Joseph

                If the website says it, then I'd say go for it.

                Any draft beer is available in the tasters, as far as I know. I had Ommegang's Hennepin that way, as well as the Oaked AB, and the standard Stone IPA. I'm with you - I normally don't like to drink a large amount. When I go to O'Brien's, I'll normally order the 10 oz. as opposed to a pint. You get more variety, and can still drive home!