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best crabcake in maryland??

where is the sweetest crab in maryland and the best crabcake?

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  1. the lump crab cake at Faidley's, Lexington Market is the hands-down favorite. There are others people like but none as good as this.

    the "sweetest crab" is kind of up to the crab itself, but you will generally find local crabs to be the sweetest. increasingly sweet from gulf to carolina to maryland. there have recently been several threads about good crab places very recently...Kelly's, Bo Brooks, Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn, Costa's Inn are four I like.

    I HUMBLY AND IN A MOST POLITE MANNER SUGGEST that folks start using the search feature here.

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        Fadlieys has been in the Lexington Market since the 1800's.
        The cakes are a real slice of OLD Baltimore, one of he best mid day experiences in town,
        Lunch at the Lex. Nattyl Bo the local brew, a couple cakes, a short walk to the ball park or Inner Harbor,

        You have to stand up to eat ,but the cakes are made with the owners loving hands

        My personal favorite was, and still is "THE PIMILCO HOTEL JUMBO LUMP OR BACKFIN"
        The bad news is "The PIM" is gone, the good news is The Original Receipe Ccab cake is alive and well.

        The chef's son is carrying the torch, delivering by mail (sent me a box of 24 in Mexico City).
        If anyone would like contact info, let me know.

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          Man, I wish Faidley's was still as good as you say. It's gone so far downhill I don't think I'll ever go back.

          I particularly like the crab cakes at Pappas in Parkville. There are a few other highly recommended ones I still need to try.

          edit: whoah, zombie thread. Yeah, three trips to Faidley's in the last year or two and I'm through. It's gone to hell.

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            Never tried Faidley's but I had a suprisingly tasty crab cake at Ikaros. I had it as part of a seafood sampler platter; the rest of the seafood was just okay, but the crabcake was just the way I like it: lots of sweet lump meat, hardly any filler, no noticeable mayo binder, just the right amount of Old Bay.

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              Interesting. Not a place I would have expected a good crabcake. You mentioned the "right amount of Old Bay." That reminds me of the one time I tried Duda's. It had a nice consistency but it had so much Old Bay it was like eating a salt lick. I should have sent it back.

              I remember liking my crabcake at Dizzy Issie's or whatever it used to be called. Now it's The Dizz and I haven't been since it changed. But the crab bisque there was as salty as the crabcake at Duda's was. Someone is selling salt by the ton around here.

        2. As much as I like going to Faidley's, I do have to admit that it's got too much filler, and the filler (they use saltines) is too gummy for me. It's more of a down n' dirty experience rather than eating a great crabcake.

          cf folks in DC is easily my favorite.

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            Are you sure you're getting the expensive lump cake? Not much filler in that really, in my opinion.

            I do like CF folks locally (DC) but there are many better ones in Baltimore area.

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              Yeah, all their crabcakes have filler. It's just a question of what crab pieces are in there. I've enjoyed it at Faidley's and will go back and continue to recommend the place for the total experience, but I still think there are higher quality crabcakes out there.

          2. For crabcakes, I'd nominate Clarkes Landing down near Patuxent, but should add to the list Thompsons Corner seafood market for some nice ones to cook at home.

            1. Where is the best place for Soft Shell Crab? We have had delicious ones at MAMAS ON THE HALF SHELL, but we are still looking for more.

              1. Jerry's Seafood in Lanham. Go early, and get the crab bomb.

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                  I second rec for Jerry's. Also a fav of a well known DC-area chef who praises how they only use the best and biggest meat of the crab for their bombs.

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                    I'll make the third rec for Jerry's but be advised there maybe some sticker shock!!! The Bomb is $30.00+

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                    I recently had a great crabcake sandwich at the Jerry's in Lewes. I didn't go for the bomb but the sandwich was just right. I was quite surprised to find out its a chain and that they don't always use local crabs. I think there is also one in Gaithersburg.

                    The only other place I go for a crabcake rather than make it myself is off Rt. 50 on Kent Island at The Narrows. Not cheap either but has always been one of the best.

                  3. I'll third the rec for Jerry's, particularly if you don't like filler.

                    Also Kaufmann's in Gambrills does a decent crabcake.


                    1. Jerry's no longer uses Maryland crab in either their crab bomb or their crab cakes. I first raved about Jerry's about five years ago on here. I still like it but it is no longer the best either. I believe the Narrows in Kent Island is superior to Jerry's crab bomb as well as G & M (which I actually do not like that much), Faidley's (very good but their fish sandwich is better than Horace and Dickie's), Angelina's, Stoney's, Suicide Bridge, Waterman's, Captain's Table (Ocean City) and countless other places that have crab cakes.

                      My wife, having eaten at most of these with me, disagrees and likes Angelina's.

                      I wrote this about two years ago and for those of you that haven't seen it you might enjoy it:


                      This is a "companion" piece that I wrote two weeks later:


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                        Hey JoeH, haven't seen your name around for a while, but maybe that's just because I've not gotten around the new board very much.

                        BTW, wanted to let you know that Angelina's has new owners. Don't know about their crabcakes, but I thought I'd mention it.

                      2. Went to Timbuktu on Sunday for the first time in about five years, and the broiled crabcake sandwich ($10.95 - I think) was very good. They had just put in a tray of crab cakes to cook, so the sandwich was fresh and hot. Lots of big lumps, and very little filler. Not overly spicey, but I'm sure I could have gotten some Old Bay on the side.

                        No side was included as it is at G & M, so I'm not sure if Timbuktu is owned by the same family, and I didn't think to ask for even lettuce/tomato, but I would return in a minute for the crabcake. I'd probably ask to have a fresh one if it seemed they were sitting around for a while. I also had a cup of pretty good Maryland crab soup as well.



                        1. A relevant article in today's (August 10, 2006) Baltimore Sun:


                          In case the link doesn't work on a future date, according to the article the best crab cake in MD is found at the Drum Point Market in Tylerton on Smith Island.

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                            There is a charm and a romance in a crab cake from the English accented Smith Island. Unfortunately, the author makes the mistake of comparing the Smith Island crabcakes to G & M which I think are very poor examples of Maryland crab cakes (G & M uses the less sweet Indonesian crabmeat along with a fair amount of filler). I've eaten my way through Crisfield-actually through the entire Eastern Shore and still believe the Narrows on Kent Island have the best. I also question the "softball size crabcakes for $7.50" and wonder if either they use Indonesian crab meat or if they have a lot of filler. In 30+ years of eating crab cakes all over Maryland I still have not found a "bargain." As far as I am concerned you get what you pay for and Maryland-home bred and grown Maryland blue crab meat is expensive. Simply, I don't trust a "soft ball size crab cake" to A/use Maryland crab meat B/be nearly as good as a crab cake that is smaller which uses Maryland lump
                            crab meat.

                          2. best crabcake in MD, Eddies of Roland Park. get it at Gourmet to Go, or save a couple of bucks and buy it uncooked.

                            real nice crabcake, Captain Larry's on Fort Ave. (and they have a half price night).

                            1. In my humble opinion, Jerry D's in Parkville makes a wickedly good crabcake. And, a very low priced option to boot, the Bel Loc Diner on Joppa Road and Loch Raven Boulevard in Baltimore makes a "from scratch" batch of very fine Maryland Crab Soup, which is their special every Friday night. Consider stopping in for one or both sometime soon, you might just be surprised.

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                                I used to go to Jerry D's around twenty years ago, and my favorite was their Cake and Steak. It's good to hear that they are still as good as before.

                              2. Annapolis Seafood Market, with outlets in Severna Park and elsewhere. A jumbo lump crapcake from the deli case will set you back about $17.00, and it is worth every penny of it.

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                                  Second Annapolis Seafood Markets. Seriously good cakes and not too expensive for what you get.

                                2. i'm going to have to nominate Edgewater Restaurant in Annapolis for best Crab Cakes.

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                                    Yes, Edgewater Restaurant has the hands down best crabcake in Maryland, bar none. No question about it.

                                  2. Hi, just recently returned from a day trip to Smith Island and the crab cakes there are so different. definitely among the best I've tried. They are creamy and seem to have more mustard in them. I browsed a cookbook and saw that they use cake or all purpose flour instead of bread crumbs. I rather enjoyed them and only wish I had purchased the cookbook.

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                                      ^^What was the name of the cookbook?

                                    2. Living here all of my life I have two rules when it comes to crabs/crabcakes:

                                      Crabs: Must be heavy. I go to Bill's Seafood in Perry Hall.

                                      Crabcakes: If I find a shell, even the tiniest one, I will never order it from that place again. I will only order a crabcake from the Olive Grove in Linthicum.

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                                        At least a tiny shell proves the crab meat's authenticity

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                                          Yes, Rule # 2 makes no sense. If you ate enough crabcakes, eventually you would disqualify every place and if you are too ruthless picking out shells, you destroy the lump backfin.

                                          1. re: ko1

                                            I'd rather have lump meat broken apart than a shell. It's just always been a pet peeve of mine. It's bad enough when you're picking crabs to have to avoid them, I certainly don't want them when I'm paying $15 or up for a crabcake. Again, that's why the only place I'll get a crabcake is Olive Grove. Everywhere else I've gotten a shell.

                                      2. Here is my list of the best places in the Maryland are to eat crab cakes....

                                        Annapolis: Cantler's
                                        Eastern Shore: The Narrows Restaurant
                                        Baltimore: Timbuktu Restaurant & Lounge with Koco's Pub a close second
                                        D.C.: Clyde's of Gallery Place
                                        Fredrick: May's Restaurant

                                        I think The Narrows has the top in Maryland but I would love to hear other recommendations and local favorites!

                                        1. Since this topic has risen to the first page again . . . Husband and I went to The Narrows on September 12, 2008 and had cream of crab soup and crabcakes that were unremarkable.

                                          The cream of crab soup was thick to the point of almost pudding consistency, and even adding the sherry didn't help (although sherry is a nice touch that too many restaurants neglect). To the restaurant's credit, it wasn't thick from a flour or cornstarch thickener, but (I imagine) rather the cream. However, for all that cream, it lacked sufficient flavor and crabmeat.

                                          The crabcakes had identifiable filler and were short on lumps of crab, having more of the shreds of crabmeat from the less delectable parts of the crab.

                                          Maybe we can write it off to a bad day or being on the late side for lunch (1:30 PM) or being late in the season, but it was a disappointing trip across the bridge expressly for those two items.

                                          Annapolis Seafood Market's cakes are much better than the two we were served that day.

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                                            Is Koco's Pub still serving their Crabcakes in October?? Are they seasonal or can you go and eat them there year round?? anyone know?

                                            1. re: Denise

                                              August 17 2009 update: stopped by The Narrows on the way back from Rehoboth. The crabcake had substantial amounts of filler and no lump crab meat was identifiable. It looked like it was mostly backfin shreds. They also went a little overboard on the mayo binder. I opted for the crab/tomato/vegetable soup; they went heavy on the Old Bay, but I didn't mind so much because I love Old Bay. Others might find it distracting. Very little crabmeat present in the soup, but there was a lot of cabbage (?!). Great view of the ships docking, excellent service, and a convenient location if you're headed back from the beach, but I doubt I'll be back. The Crab Bomb (or even the regular crab cake) at Jerry's in Bowie is much better: no filler, little binder, predominately lump crabmeat. The crabs may not be from the Chesapeake, but to me, it's tastier than what they're serving at The Narrows.

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                                                Wegmans Food markets inc. has some of the best crab cakes this side of....... WELL WHERE EVER.

                                                1. re: enots

                                                  Wegmans, for realsies?? I had one, I didn't think it was much to sneeze at. I mean if I had to choose between theirs and say Eddies, I'd definetly take Eddies over theres. I thought the Wegmans Crab Cake was kind of small too. Well OK it was 4oz, but 2 each their own. Wonder where Wegmans gets their Crab Meat for their Crab Cakes...

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                                                    Well as grocery store crabcakes go, Giant Food has a pretty good crab cake for 7.99. Not too small probably bun size.

                                                  2. re: monkeyrotica

                                                    monkeyerotica, I am really sorry to hear this. We've been stopping at the Narrows once or twice a year for over ten years and have never had a bad experience with either the crab cakes or the cream of crab soup. I have never cared for their red crab soup, however. They charge a lot of money for their crab cakes but we always felt it was justified because there was so much local lump crab meat. When I read a post like your's I wonder if there has been a change in the kitchen or management. We'll be stopping back by there in a few weeks and it will be interesting to see what kind of an experience we have. I am sorry that your's wasn't exemplery.

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                                                      I had a crab cake at the Narrows back in May, and it had plenty of lump meat. They do use more mayo than I do when I make crab cakes, but I didn't find it objectionable.

                                                      I'll be by there again in a couple of weeks and will check again.

                                                  3. I have lived in Baltimore all my life and with a few exceptions (2-3) I have eaten all the crab cakes listed below . I am going to get slammed for this however I do like G&M and By the Docks in Essex. Both crab cakes are very good and both have been very consistent . As to "The Best" it is a personal thing. I also have never been to Smith Island so I cant comment there. However someone from Maryland can tell the difference from a Maryland crab and a crab from say North Carolina the meat is just plain sweeter.

                                                    By the Docks
                                                    3321 Eastern Blvd, Middle River, MD 21220

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                                                      I'm a G&M and Timbuktu fan also. G&M has recently added mustard. Tasted it only once and not sure if I like it. I will give it another try like today perhaps. Lump Meat is what I go for. I don't care whether or not it is seasoned . I have my own seasoning that I like to address my crabmeat with either in cake form or shelled. Two Parts salad dressing, one part mustard, and Old Bay to taste. If the crabs are really good, I melt butter and scoop out a hole in the middle of the sauce and pour the butter in the middle then I drag the crab meat across. G&M has recently added mustard. Tasted it only once and not sure if I like it. I will give it another try like today perhaps.

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                                                        I don't think either one of those places uses Maryland crab meat.

                                                        1. re: hon

                                                          They don't even use western hemisphere crab meat.

                                                    2. Just inside DC, Sullivan's Seafood sells an excellent non-traditional 1/2lb crabcake sandwich. No filler, little mayo binder, with small shrimp mixed in, fried not broiled. They also do a $20 1-pound crabcake, but I've never been that starved for crabcake. Carryout only, across the street from Cap City Diner in northeast.