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Windsor Terrace for a chowhound?

I am considering moving to Windsor Terrace and want to know what is around there to eat and buy? Are there any good specialty food shops? What are the good restaurants? Thanks so much!

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  1. Not too familiar with the neighborhood, but I can definitely recommend Terrace Bagels - don't bother with the sit-down cafe service, get it to go at the counter instead - really fantastic.

    1. There's hardly anything good to eat in Windor Terrace.

      1. It's not a destination dining neighborhood, but you won't starve. Terrace Bagels is good. United Meat is an excellent meat market on Prospect Park West. There are good burgers to be had at Rhythm and Booze. There are two coffee shop/cafes with decent coffee and pastry and the diner on Prospect PW is fine for eggs and sandwiches. That's about it.

        1. Windsor Terrace is so close to Park Slope - you could be there for restaurant dining in a flash. One subway stop in the the opposite direction you can find halal or Mexican butchers, a Chinese fishmonger, and a Polish deli on Church Avenue (F train). If you consider greater Brooklyn as your shopping stomping grounds, then the Red Hook mega-supermarkets are within a $8 car service trip for bulk items. Good luck.

          1. I used to live in Windsor Terrace and there actually a couple of cute places there. There's a pizza place (Joe's Pizza) on the corner of Prospect Ave and PPW that sells great pizza knots, and the bakery catty-corner has yummy fresh bread in the mornings. The sushi place is decent and the bar with the stained glass windows sells beer for 75 cents a glass or $3.25 for a HUGE styrofoam container (these prices are from a year or so ago - so be wary)! For finer dining head over to the 12th Ave Restaurant (12th and 8th street, I think) - always an excellent culinary choice.

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              "and the bar with the stained glass windows sells beer for 75 cents a glass ..."

              You are actually recommending FARRELL'S???

              Yep - nothing like cheap Budweiser in a seedy atmosphere. The fights are a bonus.

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                Farrell's is a Brooklyn institution. It's the McSorley's of Kings County. It doesn't pretend to be upscale.

                1. re: bigmackdaddy

                  Except that all are welcome at McSorleys. Not quite so at Farrell's. I sincerely doubt that there are many (any?) people who move into WIndsor Terrace from, say, Park Slope in search of lower rents, etc., and wind up becoming regulars at Farrells. But...maybe I'm wrong!

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                    Every time I have gone there, with or without friends, I have never had any problems, and I don't even know any of the regulars or bartenders. As far as becoming regulars you are probably right, but I think it's more of the working class atmosphere and cheap Buds than it is anyone not ebing welcomed. The people who have moved into Windsor Terrace and Park Slope prefer the 12th Street bar or Santa Fe rather than Farrell's.

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                      don't know how friendly farrell's is for men, but it's definitely "no girls allowed"

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                If you'll be at 12th and 8th (pretty much Park Slope, no?), there's always Two Little Red Hens for a little bakery treat...famous for their Brooklyn Blackout and Brooklyn Cream (with the zip code 11215 iced on top) cakes/cupcakes.

              3. You are very close to one of the best restaurants in the city,just not Brooklyn or PS - It's Applewood on 11th Street between 7th and 8th Aves.

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                  It depends on where the OP is moving to in Windsor Terrace. If it's farther in the south east direction, they won't be close to much of anything, except maybe the Coney Island Ave bus to DiFara.

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                    Isn't the SE part close to The Farm on Adderley on Cortelyou? (Search for reports.) That area seems to be up and coming.

                2. On Prospect Park West, United Meats is an excellent butcher/specialty shop. Mostly Italian, everything from house-made lasagna to frozen quails to panko crumbs. If you go there and the little Wed., Farmer's Market at the nearby corner of the park, you don't need much else.
                  Also on PPW is a little Thai place I like -- Tookata Thai Grill. Really great shrimp/eggplant salad. And Laura's Gourmet Kitchen has awesome Pizza (though stick to the pizza and get it delivered).

                  1. I consider Windsor Cafe to be a notch or two above decent, certainly better than any diner in the South Slope. I enjoy the Mediterrean Wrap.... I also second United Meats....

                    1. There is a Key Foods market on Prospect Ave and 11th St. It'll do in a pinch but I prefer to drive to Fairway, the Key Food on 5th Ave in Park Slope or the C-Town on 9th St

                      There's Laura's Gourmet on Prospect Ave and Vanderbuilt, Italian family owned place, 3 generations all working there. Can be OK but inconsistent. We mostly had the pizza, thin crust but a bit too cheesy for my taste. We go to Anthony's now instead

                      Uncle Louis G's on PPSW and Vanderbuilt and the sign is up for the Cheesstake Factory but I havn't seen it open yet.

                      Regina Bakery on Prospect Park West and Prospeect Ave, You saw it featured at the end of thee movie As Good As It Gets.

                      There's a small naturel foods store on PPW they have a decent juice bar

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                        The Butcher in Windsor Terrace is the bomb. One of the best I have ever patronized. Good old fashion family run butcher with very professional and knowledgeable staff. They will do custom cuts, meat is fresh and they have grassfed stuff there. I even get some local goats milk there from Kortright Creek Creamery there for my coffee.

                        1. re: Culematty

                          Update about United: until further notice, NO MORE GRASSFED!!!

                          Ah, inflation. *Sigh*

                      2. Fez on PPW is great for Moroccan, and Clements does decent, fresh, California-style Mexican takeout.

                        1. Dub meat pies is set to open across from Farrell's in a couple of weeks. Also don't forget Elora's on PPW and 17th St. Good Latin food. Lively joint. I had a sandwich they call a Milanese there the other night and it was delicious: chicken cutlet, guac, jalapenos, lettuce on a hero roll. Nice business. There cuchifritos are pretty rock too.

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                            On PPW Fez Cafe is the best. They have fantastic tagines.

                            Also has anyone checked out the new Filipino take out place on 16th Street?
                            Their menu looks very good.

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                              I LOVE Elora's! I almost always have the shrimp and chicken fajitas, some guacomole, a pitcher of margaritas and top it off with coffees and flan. The service is always great and the atmosphere is always warm and friendly. Elora's is comfort food to me. I go there when I wish I could be back in Mexico. I hope it never changes.

                            2. Although this is an old thread, Da Vincenzo's deserves a nod. Housemade pastas are quite nice, and the caesar dressing is very cheese and garlicy. And let's not forget LIttle Tonino's.

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                                I've really come around to Little Tonino's of late. They have a nice thin-crust square pie with fresh mozz that's excellent, as is their grandma pie. Good spinach rolls too.

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                                  Just walked by this afternoon and, sadly, Da Vincenzo's is closed

                                  We are going to try Enzo's, next to Farell's on PPW and 16th, as a replacment, the pizza take out there has been good, wood fired brick oven but havn't tried much else yet.

                                  1. re: Jack_

                                    That is so sad about Da Vincenzo! Enzo's is more of a red sauce place.

                                    If you want more upscale, try Anthony's on Seventh Ave. They deliver.


                                    1. re: julietg

                                      Yea, we love Anthony's. They are like family and we've been going there since before it opened.