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Aug 8, 2006 08:24 PM

Business Lunch very near S. Wacker Drive???

Hi folks, I sure hope you can help me out, as I'm in kind of a bind. I need to plan a weekday business lunch very shortly for 6 individuals. It needs to be a very short walk from S. Wacker Drive. And I don't know a darn thing about downtown Chicago... sorry to come to this so ignorantly. As such, searching prior threads wasn't too helpful, as I just don't know the place well. I did see one recommendation from a few years ago for a place called Mossant Bistro?

Anyhow, the only real requirements are that it be a good place for a business lunch (no dives) moderately priced (no steakhouses or fancy, schmancy places) and have a noise level that doesn't make audible conversation difficult. Oh, and that they take reservations.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Seriously, I appreciate all the help!

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  1. Depending on where you are at on South Wacker - if you on the North end of South Wacker - I would recommend One North Kitchen (1 N wacker) - wide variety of food that is consistent and good.

    1. Do you know where you will be on So. Wacker? What address? What cross street? I think Mossant is long gone.

      1. Mossant closed a while back and was replaced with South Water Kitchen. In any case 225 North Wabash is quite a way from South Wacker.

        There are several restaurants along North and South Wacker that are primarily business lunch places although most do a fair after-work and pre-opera business.

        One North mentioned above and Rivers (30 S. Wacker) are the highest priced but definitely nether fancy schmancy nor destination restaurants. Townhouse was opened recently at 111 South Wacker by the same firm that owns One North. You can check their menus at restaurants-america.com. Don't be put off by the fact that this company also owns the Red Star Tavern and Bar Louie chains. These restaurants are stand- alone operations. Lloyd's (1 South Wacker; lloydschicago.com) and Emil's (101 North Wacker) hit slightly lower price and quality points. Lloyd's probably has the best price-quality tradeoff.

        All pretty much require reservations and have reasonable noise levels at lunch. After work, particularly on Fridays, is another noise story altogether.

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          Thanks so much for the help. These are great suggestions.

          Sorry I didn't clarify the location on S. Wacker. I guess that's like saying I need lunch near Park Ave, isn't it? Anyhow, I think the cross street is W. Madison. So, from a map, it looks like near the divide of north and south wacker?

          Anyhow, your recs above - particularly One North, Rivers and Lloyds all sound like they are very near and fit the bill. I'll call for reservations today. Thanks again for the help and I'll be sure to let you know where we end up and how it goes.

          - Adam

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            Madison is the dividing line for north and south addresses anywhere in Chicago. Wacker only runs south for four blocks from there, so Madison isn't far from anywhere on South Wacker. Except possibly in Sears Tower, I don't believe that there is a decent business lunch spot in the two southernmost blocks. I don't know what the restaurants in Sears Tower are like since the building's new owners kicked Levy Restaurants out, but the security hassles there make those restaurants less than ideal unless you are already in Sears Tower.

        2. Good recommendations, above...Eldon Kreider pretty much nailed it. I second the recommendation for Rivers -- nice place, good food, upscale but not stuffy.

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            Agreed. Rivers is a classic business lunch spot, Adam.