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Aug 8, 2006 08:06 PM

Donuts more like Coffee 'An's: Luke's or Elmwood Bakery

I am trying to hit a good CT donut shop around 1pm on the way to the cape and have narrowed the search (for geographical reasons) to Luke's in Avon or Elmwood Bakery. Which do you consider to be closer to a standard cake donut at Coffee 'An's in Westport?

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  1. Hi...I have never been to Coffee An' in Westport but I love Elmwood Bakery donuts. Might I suggest a third and quite unique option of Tastease on New Park Avenue in Hartford?

    They make tiny donuts with love and they're both awesome to look at and eat (people love whenever I bring them to a function).

    here's an article about them (with pictures)