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Aug 8, 2006 07:45 PM

Lunch in Coolidge Corner?

Where can we get a really good salad, or something light, and have a conversation over lunch in Coolidge Corner?

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  1. Zaftig's does nice salads, big enough to share. Dok Bua for lunch plates which are a good value. Botega Florentina for good sandwiches. Mr. Sushi for what else.

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      I love Dok Bua. It's one of my Top 5....But I would never, NEVER, NEVER get one of their "Lunch Combo Plates"...Not if you really want to try decent Thai food.

      1. re: galleygirl

        I used to feel that way also and you know that I've been going there since they just had a lunch counter and two tables. But I've recently tried some of their platters which gives me a nice portion of soup, appetizers, and a stir fry. Not bad especially if I'm by myself.

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        Lineage has a nice lunch. We had an amazing beet salad w/Goat cheese. They offered a few different light salads. Lobster Sliders were on the menu. We also had the scallops which are amazing. Just saw they were named one of the Top Tables in the new Bon Appetit.

      3. I'm hesitant to recommend because I haven't been to the Brookline branch, but if the new Finale in CC is similar to the Cambridge branch it might be a good choice.

        I know, I *know*, their desserts -- their supposed raison d'etre -- are lame and overpriced and look pretty at the expense of having any taste. I mostly agree. But I've always found lunch there to be quite good and reasonably priced -- very nice sandwiches -- the roast chicken with arugula and lime-pickled onions is my particular favorite -- and a nice chef's salad (as well as several other salads that I've never tried). The Cambridge location, at least, is good for conversation, with well-spaced tables and low noise level. If the atmosphere at the Brookline loc is similar it might fit the bill.

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          We had a mediocre meal at Finale CC last week, with the worst offender being the so-called artichoke and arugula salad. It was overdressed and loaded down with onions, but only three tiny slivers of artichoke were present. I actually complained to the waitress, who then brought out a small plate of them.

        2. A tad more downscale (but chowishly good) is Rami's for falafel and general middle eastern fare.

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            Most of which comes with plenty of salad. Yummi stuff, had a shwarma there Monday. However, tough to get a seat/cramped quarters for the conversation part of the equation. Buy at Rami's, take it outside and enjoy the sun at one of the tables in the park across the street.

          2. If you're looking to have a conversation, I'd avoid Rami's. I love the place, but it's a bit cramped and noisy.

            Zaftig's is ok, though it's inconsistent. Dok Bua and Mr. Sushi may be your best choices...

            1. Mike's Delicatessan is about ten million trillion times better than the overpriced sandwiches at Zaftigs...thuogh Zaftigs is aobut only "quiet" place I can think of to get a good salad.

              Frankly, I'd go to Khao Sarn. No salads, but the best Thai food in Boston.

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                Yes Mike's does a better sandwich than Zaftig's but the post requested salads and conversation. That's why I suggested Zaftig's. No salads and no conversatations at Mike's.