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Aug 8, 2006 07:35 PM

What's your opinion about Geisha on the UES?

I have friends from out of town visiting, and want to take them somewhere unsual, but with excellent food. Does Geisha make the mark?

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  1. I wouldn't say the food is "excellent" but I did have a nice meal there although the upstairs dining room is somewhat cramped. The service was good and the crowd certainly "beautiful".

    1. I had a lovely dinner there last November... Food was very good, sorry I cannot recall exactly what we had but a variety of apps and sushi and a terrific fish dish, cooked.

      Sakitinis and lychee nut martinis were also very good...

      We sat upstairs but were less cramped as we had a four top by the window for three of us (reserve it if you can)...Service was terrific! Lovely room(s) and crowd. A bit sceney at the time....not sure how it is now...

      BTW: Downstairs has the bar, if you can snag a couch table it seems like a great spot for cocktails and snacks...

      One other suggestion in the same vein might be Loft on Columbus and ?? (mid 80's).

      Was there once, same vibe. Sat in the front bar area at couch tables and had martinis and apps. Chicken Thai flat bread was a winner as well as a steak one and some dumplings that were terrific. You can make a meal out of the apps but the dining room is very interesting, two floors as well with a club for after dinner downstairs if I remember correctly. Perhaps someone with better knowledge can fill you in...

      Cool bathrooms, communal sinks outside...

      This may be a great "night" for you and your friends... Also a good looking crowd!

      1. AVOID at all costs. Overpriced drinks, mediocre, pretentious food at prices that are only rational if you consider what they spent on the decor, which, sadly, I couldn't eat. Pulling out one's own fingernails would be a night better spent.

        1. I think "AVOID at all cost..." is a bit harsh... I did forget to mention that it was on the expensive side but not out of line with many places in Manhattan, and I am not talking Per Se. It was a special night and we did not worry too much about it at the time.

          The food was very good as I mentioned, has that changed?

          1. Geisha is definitely overpriced, but the food is pretty good, though not excellent. It's certainly not unusual, really if that's what you're interested in finding. For unusual or inventive, try WD-50 or Craft.