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Aug 8, 2006 07:12 PM

Yum Yum Changes?

Someone anonymous just left the following comment on the Yum Yum post I have on my blog:

"The Japanese owner of Yum Yum Fish has just sold his place to the owners of the Chinese-run market next door. Almost all the old staff of Yum Yum has quit : - ("

Anyone know the scoop on this?

Since I always recommend Yum Yum on this board first, for sushi-grade fish, now is perhaps a good time to pull together a list of possible alternatives for future reference for Chowhounders, if indeed the news is true.

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  1. That is most dperessing.

    1. On the way back from The Ramp on Illinois in the Dogpatch last weekend, I noticed that what used to be Nikko Fish (the outlet that was associated with Yum Yum), has new signage up that says Tokyo Fish. But being Saturday afternoon, it was closed. Anyone know if the two happenings are related?

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      1. re: Debra Stuart

        The Nikko Fish transformation to Tokyo Fish happened almost 2 years ago, didn't it?

      2. This is very very bad news... especially since I was going to order a party platter of sushi... if I can muster the courage to find out for sure, I'll certainly report back! : ( Damn!

        1. Tablehopper reported today that these rumors are only partially true: the beloved French fishmonger is on vacation and will return soon.

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          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            Tablehopper's "report" is not very complete. Its probably true about the fishmonger but it doesn't address the other issues.
            And all she does is repeats the owner claims so to me its just a worthless PR piece.

            She never says "I went to Yum Yum. The fish is the same, the sushi service is the same."

            The other Yum Yum post here on chowhound states there was no sushi service and that the fish selection was poor. It definitely means additional visits to find out the situation are necessary.

          2. I recently went to the restaurant, and have notice folks speaking more Chinese, and definitely the quality had gone down.

            My nigiri hamachi was much smaller, and very thin; maybe they are cutting cost and have decide to cut the fish piece thinner.

            I am SAD being a loyal customer for 10 + years, but have no choice but to find a new place to eat fresh fish