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Aug 8, 2006 07:02 PM

In Chesterfield, Missouri - staying at Drury Plaza Hotel, HELP, where to I go to eat...

hotel has came up with a few suggestions, but unfort. they are the usual suspects, any suggestions.......

Would like somewhere farily close, i.e. at max 20 mins away.

Desperate for a good meal!

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  1. Annie Gunns is the one I hear about in that area all the time. My friends are always getting the apple pies togo as well. Res rec.
    20 min is all the time you need in these parts. You could get to Cardwells at the Plaza- frontenac Plaza at Clayton and Lindburg; still good and local, non chain.

    1. I second Annie Gunn's. I hear the meatloaf is great.

      1. I don't know Chesterfield that well but I have been to Yia Yia's on Olive just N of 40 and thought it was very good. The beef tenderloin with gorgonzola was excellent.

        You can search for other restaurants here...

        1. Yia Yia's is very close the new Drury Plaza. Just go north on Clarkson for a quarter of a mile and there you are.

          Annie Gunn's is just down highway 40/I-64. Less than a ten minute drive. The food is above reproach, but it is harder than heck to get in around meal times. You can eat at the bar so that is an option.

          There are some pretty nice places in the Chesterfield Valley. Espino's mexican food is terriifc, excellent soups, across from the Home Depot in the valley. Xanadu is a high end steak place with tuxedoed waiters, red velvet interiors and such, on Long road. Not sure if it is worth the price but the steaks are superb. Lots of chain places in the valley, the best of which are Emperor's Palace, a Chinese buffet that is much much above the average.

          Closer to the hotel, there is the ubiquitous Cheesecake Factory and Bahama Breeze, both chains, but both are above average chains, at least they are not Appleby's.

          There is a gem hidden behind the Chesterfield Mall, which is the mall just behind the hotel, it is called Aquavin. Excellent food and nice ambience. John Goodman is a co-owner but I think he is a silent one because there has never been any sightings of him there.

          1. For some of the best sushi in the area, go to Yoshi's (just south of the Chesterfield Mall). The place has a very open kitchen. Sit at the counter and Yoshi will activate his wind-up toys for you.

            Just next to Yoshi's is a branch of Crazy Bowls And Wraps, a place that serves healthly fast food. And Trader's Joes is right by Yoshi's as well.