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Aug 8, 2006 06:54 PM

Staten Island Ferry Adventure

I'm taking a friend on the Ferry for a picnic. I want to follow up with a bar (for about 10 people) afterwards on the Manhattan side. Someplace that is not a FRAT bar... someplace weird, divey, bizarre. Any suggestions welcome. A place with snacks or dessert would be swell.

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  1. I think the pussy cat lounge would fit "weird, divy and bizarre"; it's a strip club downstairs and a regular bar upstairs. However, if you're looking for something a little less bizarre in the immediate area of the ferry you may want to check out Harrys of Hannover Square, Ulysses, Finches Tavern or PJ Clarks.

    1. How about Jeremy's Ale House (228 Front Street) or Fresh Salt(146 Beekman b/w Front and South Street). Jeremy's is very divy, bras drape the walls, and they serve their beers in huge styrofoam cups! Fresh Salt is nearby, nice small bar, and everyday from 4-8 beers are $3.00.

      1. thanks - Pussy Cat may be too much - but i'll check out one of the others (gotta find a place open at 2)