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Cheap and cheerful in the South End?

I'm having a brain cramp. I'd like to go for a cheap (I mean it, cheap -- like under $25) dinner in the South End and the only options I can think of are the pizza and ice cream place which I didn't like, and Orinoco, which I've been to before. Liked it fine enough but I want something new.

Say there's something I've forgotten. Ideas?

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  1. Cheap - Don Ricardo's, Delux, Miami Cafe, possibly Sister Sorrel?

    That Icarus prix fixe for $28 sounds like a great deal.

    Cheerful? What is that?

    1. Giacomo's, Anchovies, Columbus Cafe, Joe V's, The Dish, Thai Village, House of Siam

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          Thanks for reminding me about Seiyo. I definitely want to check that place out.

        2. How about Thai Village or Addis Red Sea on Tremont Street, or House of Siam on Columbus Avenue?

          1. DeLuxe, Formaggio for a DIY, (but quite cheerful), Masa, you might also get out of the new petit robert if you're careful for less than 25.

            1. Are there still pressed sandwiches at the Formaggio Kitchen on Shawmut?

              1. How about the Cuban place right off of Tremont? OR the bar menu at Cafe Umbra on Washington?

                I don't know about SE Formaggio. But Cambridge Formaggio doesn't serve the pressed sandwiches on weekends. Also, they tend to close early on Sundays.

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                    Miami Cafe has reasonably priced, decently prepated cubanos. It's just off Tremont on Aquadilla St. They're not as good as El Orientel's cubanos, nor as fru-fruey delicious as the same at Chez Henri, but they make a darn fine <$6 pressed sandwich.

                1. I'll second Anchovies. Great atmosphere too.