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Aug 8, 2006 06:43 PM

Hey Pa.!!!! Buy Local Produce , Forget California Fruit and Veggies , It's Summer !

I noticed that there is next to NO local produce at any of the Whole Foods this week (or ever),most of it comes from California. We have great peaches,tomatoes,corn, blueberries from 30 miles away. There are loads of farmers mkts. in Phila. Support your local farmer; buy food that hasn't taken a 3000 mile ride, loosing freshness and vitamins en route, and using gallons of fossil fuel to get it to your plate. Google:"Farm to City" to get a list of farmers markets.

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  1. I was at the Whole Foods in Pittsburgh this weekend and they had produce from local farmers very clearly marked in the front of the store. That being said yo can be much more supportive of local farmers by shopping at Farmers markest or taking advantage of the various CSA farms.

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      it's true that it is more beneficial to local farmers to purchase from a CSA or farmers market, but it is also beneficial to buy local from a big market -- if doing so in an obvious way... WFM and other markets may need additional incentive to buy locally.

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        I just called the Wynnewood WFM and they said they did have a small variety of local produce in the store – kales, greens, green peppers, corn ...

        If you're already at the store, it can't hurt to check out the local produce and make a point of telling the store manager why you're buying it.

    2. Hear Hear !! We tend to have the same problems in New Jersey (the "Garden State") go figure.

      Ask for your local produce. Demand it. Seek out local farms, google listings of organic or pick-your-own farms, etc.

      Philly area folks can find Earl Livengood at the Reading Terminal Market on Saturdays. I'm sure there are many other local farmers markets also.



        A good resource for local produce and meats. A noble effort certainly worth the time and expense! Tell a friend!

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          How about posting this as a new thread under: PA.Local Food Buying Directory

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            G Goo dear, we obviously see eye to eye. I am thinking of starting a Locavore group in Philly, sourcing and eating mostly locally grown food. Look at the locavore groups on the internet and tell me what you think. I have been working in sustainable ag. around here for a few years, know lots of farmers, love to share info and am hot to trot!!!!

          2. Wow, hot to trot! I'm not sure what that means in the context of local foods, but it sounds exciting! Although my wife is a little suspicous....

            I would be quite interested in a group such as the one you referenced, and I hope others would also. I, for one, infrequently back causes 100%, but for once in my life I found one that makes total sense. Please keep me (us) informed on your efforts, and how to contribute!


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              Check this out . There was an article in last week's City Paper about folks who are eating local too. And a web sight Phila.Food Shed. Tons of info, lot's of people are doing this around here it turns out!