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Aug 8, 2006 06:11 PM

Korean BBQ

Anyone try Soot Bulgurim on Vermont (X street 3rd)? Looking for similar place and have already tried Soot Bull Jeep, Chosun Galbee, Castle.


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  1. I just moved to K-Town and am anxious to try some of the local places. Soot Bull Jeep is great. I have heard good things about Castle, what did you think of Castle (and also of Chosun Galbee). Another one that I walked past that looked really good was Han Yang Barbeque.

    1. Yes, in fact I have. I asked a Korean girl who lives in K-Town where I could find the best Korean BBQ. She said that this place, which she said is all you can eat for $15, is really really good and authentic.

      When I asked her if she had been to Soot Bull Jeep, she said she had never even heard of it, which stiked me as odd.

      I haven't been there yet but it's on my list. Is Soot Bulgurim better than Soot Bull Jeep in your opinion?

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        Yes, it is! But I've seen a lot of postings for SBJ (maybe it's because Soot Bulgurim isn't as well known). But it's much better food at a better price. I don't even SBJ all-you-can-eat? Try's kinda crowded on Friday nites, but if you go early for lunch, there's hardly anyone there.

      2. Have you tried Shik-do-rak on Olympic and Hoover?

        Their specialty is duk-bo-sam cha-dol beh-gee (not sure sp.) which is barbecued brisket wrapped in thin rice pancakes. Very tasty!

        People from northern Cal come down just to eat there.

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          IMO, I would go to Shik Do Rak if I'm craving the uniquness of the radish (and rice) wrappers, but not if I'm looking for good BBQ.

          At Shik Do Rak, you cook your meat in a large round pan with a drip hole in the middle, so the meat NEVER touches a direct flame, and this results in a sauteed beef taste without any char. For shame! :)

        2. If you're referring to "Guirim" (second floor of a strip mall on the NW corner of Vermont/3rd that serves an all you can eat variety menu (chadol, galbee, chicken, bacon, etc.), there's also a branch at 6th and Manhattan with the same type of menu.

          What is it that you like about the place? It's one of my favorites because it's relatively cheap, the all you can eat is a nice feature because of the variety of meat you get, and they use a grill instead of a tabletop frying pan, which makes the meat taste better.

          Another place that uses a grill is "Park's BBQ" at Vermont and 7th (I think it's 7th... it's south of Wilshire on Vermont). Much pricier, but high quality meat. It's apparently where all the Korean stars come to eat in LA, if you pay attention to the pictures on the wall. I've been to Castle, but I don't remember it all that well. Suhrabul (sorry, not Chosun) at Western and 1st has some good offerings, but the service has been pretty awful the past few times i've gone.

          1. How do those places rank up with a place called Moo Deung San (on Western a block south of Olympic, near the K-town galleria)? It's also an Korean all-you-can-eat (AYCE) BBQ.

            I'm an OC gal that moved to DC recently and am visiting home at the end of August with my Korean BBQ/AYCE-loving East Coast boyfriend. When I suggested having Manna during my visit to my friends, I was summarily shot down ("meat's nasty, as well as the place", "quantity, but no quality", "if your new bf knows anything about Korean BBQ meats, you're gonna lose maaaaad points with him, girl" etc.)

            I was suggested MDS by a friend in LA, but can't get any reviews on it. Help!