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Aug 8, 2006 05:57 PM

Moo Moo paradise and other cheap eats

The excitement is growing as our trip to Tokyo gets closer. Because we will be in Tokyo for only about a week, we are trying to zero in on a good tonkatsu restaurant near (walking distance) of the subway routes. Also hoping to get comments from the Tokyo Chowhounds regarding "Moo Moo Paradise" restaurant which we have been told is a good all you can eat shabu shabu restaurant. Lastly, regarding sushi restaurants, what would be considered a good deal in terms of cost for nigiri sushi plates? (example, toro and hamachi ).

Thank you!

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  1. Moo Moo Paradise is one of several cheap AYCE chains that offer shabu shabu, sukiyaki, and I think, yakiniku. Probably about 1500 Yen for the AYCE and another 800 Yen or so for the all you can drink. All people have to order the same thing if you go the AYCE route. If you go there, you can pay higher than 1500 for better quality meat- which I recommend as the cheapest is pretty crappy. The meat will often come partially frozen. If you're going all the way to Japan though, why not go to a tastier place?.....Tonki is a venerable (old) tonkatsu restaurant a block from Meguro Station on the Yamanote line....A "good" deal for chu-toro would be in the 500-600 Yen range. Hamachi is cheaper...As with all recs for Tokyo, it always helps if you say where you are staying and where you are going. It's a very big city.

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      Hi Siverjay-
      Thanks for the response. We will be staying at the Kitcho Hotel located at 2-32-8 Ningyo-cho, Nihonbashi. Do you have a current favorite sushi restaurant?

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        You're located on the Hibiya subway line, not far from the Tsukiji Central Fish market (assuming it hasn't moved yet). That's a good place for reasonably priced sushi. Do a search here for recs. You can also try the branch of Sushi Zan-mai (they have one or two in Tsukiji) in Yurakucho under the tracks. Reasonably priced sushi that you can order with reckless abandon, no tipping, and you get a reciept with your order printed out. It's good for budget travelers and better than most places in New York at least. It's not far from the huge Bic Camera electronics store- a fun place to explore. This is also near Ginza and not too far from the Imperial Palace. Happy dining and save some fish for me. 3 more months till my next visit.

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          Thanks again Silverjay-
          Will be in Tokyo in November. Will check past posts on Tokyo. Thank you for putting us in the right direction. One last question. Are there favorite eating spots that you alwys zero-in on when in Tokyo?


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            Here is another good sushi shop- more upscale than the one I recommended, but still reasonable. It's located in the new Marunouchi Building in front of Tokyo Station- It's called Uogashizushi. I've dined there before and my friend told me it's well-known because their fish comes from the Numazu fish market in Kanagawa- a well-known fishing destination in the Kanto area. They'll be no foriegn tourists here!....November is the best food time in Japan- IMHO. You should try to find a "nabe" or hot pot place as this is a good dish at this time. Oysters are also very good, not to mention great autumn fruits and vegatables.

    2. Uogashizushi will be on our list of "must try eats".
      Thank you!