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cheesecake in toronto?

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Where can I find the best cheesecake in toronto? preferably something with caramel. I'm looking for a whole cheesecake for the office.

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  1. I love sen5es (www.senses.ca)...I do believe they do carry cheesecakes. You should try ringing them.


    1. Dufflets has the best cakes not sure if they have cheesecakes

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        I second Dufflet - I'm sure they must still have the amazing caramel apple cheesecake, also a really good raspberry cheesecake!
        There are two locations I know of: Queen St W and also Yonge north of Eglinton.

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          I third Dufflet's! The toffee apple cheesecake is one of my favourite desserts ever. You can also find Dufflet pastries scattered all over town; lots of other restaurants and grocery stores carry it.

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            Do any of the Dufflets locations serve ice cream?

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              no, only cakes, pastries, and coffee bar

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              fourth it. the best i have every tasted. moist, creative, tasty

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                You cannot beat that toffee apple cheesecake. Awesome

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                  It's my favourite Dufflet's creation!

            3. Carol's Cheesecakes (bakery on Castlefield; fairly widely available-I last got one from the Queen's Quay Loblaws)

              1. ok the best cheesecake i've had is from loblaw's cake section.

                1. I haven't been there in awhile, but I've had excellent cheesecake from Phipps Bakery Cafe on Eglinton.

                  Also, in a pinch, the cakes (including cheesecakes) from Decadent Cakes in First Canadian and BCE Place are good.

                  1. I doubt you can get a whole cheesecake, but since you're a caramel lover, if you ever go to Wish for dinner, have the Dulce de Leche cheescake. They order it from a lady who makes them privately and it is DIVINE! Sometimes I go just for martinis and cheesecake...but their dinners are great too!

                    1. You can't get really good cheescake in Toronto. There is nothing like, say, Baby Watson's. But Dufflets is OK. Unfortunately, they put all kinds of gunk on theirs. A real cheescake is not adulterated with any topings or flavorings. Those are tricks that exist only to hide the low quality of the cheese and cream.

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                        Nobody took me up on an earlier post, but Carol's Cheesecakes has some very, very good ones (and some that aren't). Several have no gunk at all. They aren't perfect and the ones with baked crusts can be underdone on the bottom, but I don't find that much to complain about. The bakery is around Castlefield and Ronald. Oddly, they also sell some amazingly good soups at the bakery location. I assume you can call them to find a local outlet if their bakery isn't convenient. They also make a decent sugar free version.

                        I can also recommend the New York style cheesecake from the last Loblaw's Insider's Report. It's sweeter than I prefer, but it's an authentic representation of the style and way better than, say, Sara Lee.

                        Cheesecake is remarkably easy to make. Google Juniors cheesecake recipe and you should find the recipe from that Brooklyn restaurant's cookbook. This consistently wins awards as the best in New York. Use Philadelphia brand cheese (not light). I don't recommend using the strawberry topping.

                        For a different style, get a copy of "Mother Wonderful's Cheesecakes". Ignore the shtick - the recipes actually work. For most of these, do NOT use Philadelphia cheese (or anything else in a block containing gum). I recommend regular (not light) Western Creamery cheese.

                        Note that New York style cheesecakes need the gum.

                        Anyone been to the REAL Lindy's in New York (the one that closed in the 60's - not the crappy chain that came later)? Now THAT was cheesecake. The recipe is around. It's a butter shortbread crust and contains heavy cream and pounds of cheese. Yum :-)

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                          I agree that Cheesecake is easy to make. After all, you mix cream, cheese, eggs, sugar and it's going to be good. Great cheescake, however, is not so easy to make. Or aat least, not so easy to find.

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                            I find Carole's cheesecakes much, much too sweet.

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                            OMG. Why are they tricks? Why aren't they just preferences? Most people want something on their cheesecake! There is nothing fake about Dufflet. Go order one with no topping and you can dissect the ingredients at home.

                            Anyway, cheesecakes are like pizza....many different very authentic versions. There are many styles that are just as right as the next.

                            So that being said...what is it about dufflet cheesecake that is lacking? Maybe someone can steer you to a thicker or creamier or sweeter or lighter or richer version...

                          3. We ordered these cheesecakes from a lady in the whitby area and they were true to the word...out of this world!!!
                            She was recomended from a friend she bakes out of her kitchen.
                            it was New York style baked with a strwaberry/blueberry puree...wow.
                            She goes by Dimi's Cheesecakes

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                              Do you have a number for Dimi's Cheesecakes?