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Aug 8, 2006 05:43 PM

pls recommend a Gruner Veltliner

I experienced this wine for the first time in Vegas at Picasso. I would really appreciate recommendations for a good Gruner Veltiner in the $20 and under range if possible. For any SF Bay Area hounds I'm planning to buy from K&L Wines. Thanks a lot!

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  1. We've been drinking Weingut Hofer-Auersthal-Weinviertel, 2005. It's very nice.

    1. We just had the Donbaum Spitzer Point Gruner Veltliner Smaragd 2002. Wine Spectator called this winery one of the top three in the region, and the bottle was under $20. GREAT wine! Also had the Gritsch Axpoint for about $10. Very good too. Bought both from an online retailer that specializes in Austrian wines, called (I've mentioned them here before). They are based in the Bay Area, and I received my order in 2 days (to Southern California) with ground shipping!

      1. I have now had about 5 different Gruner Veltliner's over the last two years out of Marin/SF wine shops. All have been respectable and to be completely honest, while they were all good, none of them seemed much better than the others - my suggestion shop at the bottom of the price range - you might find you save some $ and still get a good wine.

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          Funny- I've tasted a really huge difference. GV's from the Wachau region come in 3 quality designations, and I can't think of the bottom two, but the top one is Smaragd. All if them can be good, but there's almost no comparison to the lighter bodied "lesser" ones and the really complex and age-worthy Smaragd ones.

        2. Had a bottle of the Rabl 2004 Spiegel GV last night with some delicious Thai food. It's @ $20 and seemed quite a bit different from the other I've had in that range (can't recall the name, Soif in Santa Cruz carries two by this same vintner). The Rabl almost had a little effervescent quality with a hint of grapefruit, very refreshing and great match to the spicy food. Unfortunately I haven't located it here in CA yet, brought back a few bottles from Vancouver BC.

          1. loimer landwein gv is fantastic stuff-- it's my wedding white... 10 bucks for a liter bottle, and really excellent. good fruit, great acid, nice spicy finish.
            for more expensive-- anything from kracher is good stuff.
            smaragds are really darned expensive, and tougher to find in the us outside of big cities. they are indeed totally different experiences as bottles of wine go...
            the thing is, though, is that austria (much to their chagrin) is still fighting to overcome the scandal that drove their wines out of the international market in the first place. as such, you can find really value-driven, high quality stuff without having to pay the premium for top end wachau wines.

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              I don't think Kracher does a GV? Lots of incredible sweet wines, of course, and I've tried a rose and a few other dry whites and reds, but not Gruner.

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                you're right... sorry. i was thinking of huber-- and had an article on kracher sitting in front of me. whoops!