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Aug 8, 2006 05:28 PM

Going to Zero One in SJ, any ideas for dinner?

I haven't eaten near downtown SJ for years, any ideas? Would prefer either spicy, something that isn't plentiful in SF, reasonably priced, and/or sushi. Doesn't have to be right downtown, could also be on the way back to SF. Thanks. C-

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  1. Zeni for Ethiopian: here's Katya great report on it:

    Mucho's for cheap Mexican food: 72 E Santa Clara St
    San Jose, CA 95113
    (408) 277-0333

    Vung Tau, SJ-tons of post here

    Poor House Bistro-New Orleans style food (gumbo, jambalaya, po boys, and various shrimp and blackened dishes).
    91 S. Autumn Street
    San Jose, CA 95110
    (408) 292-5837
    one of many posts:

    Original Joe's-old school Italian food. There's one in SF. A report of the SF one, probably similar in SJ:

    or another post on SF one:

    or La Victoria Taqueria-good tacos, burritos, get extra orange sauce:
    131 W Santa Clara St
    San Jose, CA 95113
    (408) 993-8230

    Please report back wherever you end up!

    Don't forget to park in the FREE parking lots after 6pm, look for signs for them.

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    1. re: hhc

      Sweet, thanks for the info both of you.

    2. It's not in downtown San Jose, but it's spicy, cheap and definitely not plentiful in SF:

      Zeni on 1320 Saratoga Avenue in the western San Jose area is touted by many as the best Ethiopian in the Bay Area. I've gone 3x now and I think ethiopian food is not a favorite of mine (esp since I don't like injera), but the food here is very very good, and some things real nice & spicy, and even the non-spicy things are very flavorful.

      Many hounds like it so you can find many reports if you do a search. katya's report is the best:

      You can get plenty of good Sushi, Viet, Thai, Spicy Chinese and Mexican in SF, so I didn't suggest any of those cuisines.

      Edit to say: I didn't see hhc's post when I was typing up mine, I swear!

      1. Just to mix things up, Japantown in SJ, has some good options.
        Gombei- japanese diner but a CH favorite (cash only)
        Kubota- good sushi and an *excellant* short rib entree. Good sake selection.
        Yasu- my personal favorite...Cal-Japanese. Twist on both, refreshing, very satisfying.
        Ramen Halu- probably the best ramen in Bay Area.
        The Garage (Naglee Park, just behind SJSU). Solid, not great. Very good little (and I do mean little) neighborhood place. Lots of places like in SF but I can't help but to recommend it. The rostissrie cobb salad, the ribs, the trout...oh yeah.

        I'd agree to Zeni's, great Ethiopian; if you like Ethiopian (which I do).

        I'd stay away from Orginal Joe's and Poor House Bistro. All name and no follow through...just kinda of meh, that's it?

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        1. re: JustErin

          Totally agree on Poor House Bistro - wanted to love it - found it to be mediocre at best...

        2. I added to my post, if you do a search you can find old post on lots of places. Original Joe's is similar to the SF one so I just linked those. Poor House Bistro has been reported on before too.

          I remember that Yasu was supposed to close July 22, 2006. Supposed to be replaced by a ramen place.

          1. Vietnamese food in the south bay is much more "hard core" than what you get in SF. I suggest you try one of the most often talked about places in downtown SJ: Vung Tau, My Canh..etc.

            I also think Indian food in the south bay is better due to the heavy competition. There are a bunch of good ones in Mountain View: Amber, Shiva's etc.