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Aug 8, 2006 05:24 PM

Tacos al pastor?

Recently, I had the al pastor a bunch of times at Tacos Lupita, which seemed quite good, but these were my first tacos al pastor. I want to try another place today, preferably in the Cambridge/Somerville area.

Where would you send me to further my new habit?

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  1. Check out Taqueria La Mexicana in Union Square. I like their al pastor better than Lupita's. Lupita's is better at al carbon, in my experience.

    1. i didn't think they had al pastor at taqueria la mexicana? they have some really tasty pork, but, when i asked if they had it, the guy there (he seemed like the owner) said that they only had regular pork. maybe i misunderstood or they've since added it.

      boca grande and anna's both have tacos pastor, but i think boca grande is a little better. apart from those, i haven't seen it. but, i haven't looked terribly hard, either. after having it IN mexico, nothing will really compare, unfortunately...

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        btw, the post entitled 'boca grande in brighton' talks about their tacos al pastor.

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          I think you're right. I'm thinking carnitas. That's the "regular pork" they serve, and it's goooooood. But it's not al pastor.

        2. Felipe's in Harvard Square has Al Pastor, very yummy. (They also have carnitas for those following along at home).

          1. Well, I decided to do errands on foot so I got my al pastor at Boca Grande. Big mistake, compared to Tacos Lupita. The tortillas were excellent-- fresh, warm, just the right amount of moisture in them. The meat was decent-- a nice, mellowly deep flavor, milder than Lupita, with a finer shred but definitely missing something. But... I assume (correct me if I'm off base here) that the cilantro and onions at Lupita are closer to "the real thing". The Boca Grande version had shredded lettuce and diced tomato, and nothing else. No lime. No salsa of any sort came with them, and overall, they just seemed bland. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they forgot to put the lime and the salsa in the bag.

            Next time I'll try one of the taquerias...

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              There seems to be a lot of variation in tacos, as one would expect. The onions and cilantro/pico de gallo (Lupita, Taqueria La Mexico, Annas, Taqueria El Mariachi ) seems more prevalent then the limed onions/pickled cabbage versions (El Pelon) around here. Most seem to come with lime. I really like to add the salsa verde to the tacos as well.

              Here is another good thread on taquerias in general


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                I've had the tacos al pastor at Boca Grande and it seems to be cook's whim as to whether they come with onions and cilantro or gringo-ized with lettuce and tomato. I'd bet that a majority of the customers prefer it with l&t and so they mostly default in that direction. But if you ask you can definitely get them with onions and cilantro, and lime and hot sauce as well.

                Oh, and re that earlier thread, Dax, the horchata at El Amigo is good, but quite sweet. (Although not as killingly sweet as the homemade tamarindo at Lupita, which even my sweet tooth can't take.) I find it goes well with the spicy savory stuff there.

                1. re: MichaelB

                  Whenever I've bought them, tacos al pastor at Boca Grande have been very greasy - a mess. In contrast, carnitas tacos are great there.

              2. re: newhound

                really? i guess i've only ordered it a few times there, but i always got the more authentic version, with cilantro and lime. i don't think i would like it with lettuce and tomato- that's just not what it's about!

              3. I will have to try pork tacos at La Mexicana sometime....the one time I went there I wasn't impressed (though I don't even remember what I ordered and am sure it wasn't anything with pork).....I really like the torta al pastor at Tacos Lupita, even better than the tacos. I'm a recent convert, before June I had never ordered a torta despite visiting Tacos Lupita all the time. Try them if you haven't already..

                Dave MP

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                  My standard order at Lupita is the al pastor torta and a chorizo taco. I can usually only eat the taco and 1/2 the torta at first but sometimes finish the torta before gettting home; the smell of the torta is so distracting that it rarely makes it to my fridge.