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Aug 8, 2006 05:19 PM

Chez Nous in Lee, MA

Anyone been there this season? I've read mixed reviews & would appreciate some up-to-date appraisals.


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  1. We were there twice last Fall and we loved the place.
    The food was fabulous!
    The filet of beef stew in a sauce that was to die for was too much for us.
    We ordered "seconds".
    The desserts were all home-made as well and every bit as good as dinner.
    This is one place you could start with dessert and end with dessert for the night;desserts were that good!
    We sat at the bar with the owners wife,who was a nice as anyone we've ever met at any restaurant we've been to,and we had cocktails.
    The only problem with this restaurant was that when we came back a third time,during the middle of winter, they were closed.
    We came back a few weeks later and again they were closed.
    We'd go there again in a heartbeat but do yourself a favor and CALL BEFORE you go.
    This is the old "From Ketchup to Caviar" restaurant with the old chef and his wife as the new owners of the place.
    Good Eating!

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      We went there a couple of weeks ago and loved it. We think it may be our favorite restaurant in the Berkshires so far. If you like French pate you will love their homemade pate plate and their desserts are delicate and delicious (French style).
      We made a video of our time there at so you can see the atmosphere, the menu and the food etc.

      As Catnip mentioned, calling ahead is highly recommended and so are reservations if you want to sit inside. We ate outside which we prefer to do in Summer anyway. To sit outside, no reservations are taken, it is first come first served, so try to come before 6.

      1. re: berkshiresnow

        One of my favorites when visiting the Berkshires. I was in the area last year in early March when they closed. Apparently it was due to the birth of the owners first child, so they took an extended vacation.

    2. We were there again a few weeks ago.
      Owners did have a child and they have re-opened.
      They usually close in March for a few weeks anyways.
      The food is as good as the report I gave(below) in 8/06.
      Their stews and short-ribs(seasonal)are our favorites and their desserts are to die for!
      Good eating;you'll love the place!

      1. Hi, I'd be interested in reading the mixed reviews you've gotten on Chez Nous. I've never had anything but an amazing experience there, as have all the friends I've sent over the years.
        No better place to eat in the Berkshires for my money.

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          Cowgirl, like you I wondered --- until I noticed the date for the OP's entry: 2006!