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Monteleone's Bakery

Any news on when they will be re-opening? They were supposed to be merging with the bread bakery made famous in that Cher/Nicolas Cage movie (I'm forgetting the name). The original signs said late April, then May, now nothing.

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  1. I don't know when they are opeening but the other bakery was Cammareri bakery

    1. i heard thru the neighborhood grapevine that cammareri pulled out of the deal. something about the montelones owner being a poor businessman. alas, nothing is happening.

      1. Moonstruck: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093565/

        There's mention of the Cammareri name there.

        1. Is that what happened? What a letdown. They had a sign up that said 'Will be back in April." I guess not. I wish they would open up something on Court Street between Union and 4th Place that I could buy something besides Dunkin Donuts.

          1. I have some bad news..I was talking to one of the Esposito brothers next door today, and it looks like it's all over for Monteleone's. Apparently, the Camareris never had any money to invest, just their name, for what that's worth. Another investor fell through, and the original Monteleone's baker had to abandon shop and is now working elsewhere (Esposito wasn't sure where). The store sits vacant except for some new, state of the art baking equipment which is apparently too large to easily move out. No more cheescake or ridiculously good ices (Court St Pastry just doesn't compare). Anyone know any good bakers, with money to spare, in need of a home?

            1. let us hope we don't get another bank, pharmacy or nail salon. what is happening to our neighborhood?

              1. GASP! That is horrible news. I loved that place. I know it used too much sugar for almost everything but I brought it almost every holiday function I had for six years. I ate their black forest squares on new year's eve. I ate their lemon ices every summer. I am a wannabe bakery owner myself and that would be a perfect spot for me. If I had the cash, I would reopen it myself. But I can't. Now I am depressed. I agree.

                1. Why did they originally close and/or contemplate renovations? Were they not making a profit? Or were things fine but they thought they could do better by bringing in Cammereri Bros., so they shut down to do renovations?

                  Awful loss to the area. It's terrible to see so many neighborhood-type stores closing. Even if we find out where the baker went, it won't be the same in that area.

                  1. word on the street is the owner of monteleone's was not a very good businessman. the product may be great, but if you can't run the business........

                    1. ok you guys, heres info i heard from a former employee, the orginal reason of closure was due to a debt left by one of the two owners after he departed from the business. Camareri brothers were going to come in as partners and the renovation was their idea they wanted a "new spirit" to the store. However construction stopped because of money problems and the Camareri brothers backed out. The source mentioned that construction will be resuming in approx 1 weeks time (another partner must have been taken in and is fronting money)and Monteleones should be up and running better than ever in about a month or so. All we have to do is be patient and we will once again be able to enjoy our pastries, cakes and italian ices.

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                          That's strange because there is no bakery in Brooklyn that is as old fashioned and plain as Cammereri Bros. on Bath Ave. Even more old fashioned than the original on Henry street. It's hard to believe that they would want to (or be able to) modernize Monteleone's.

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                            a bit offtopic, but there are pretty good breads with the Cammereri name on them sold at A&S on 5th Avenue these days -

                            but the "Cammerari Bros" were not the guys baking in the Henry Street Bakery of that name during the Moonstruck area (the actual bakers/managers were hispanic, as I recall) and these breads at A&S are different from those that were sold on Henry St.in the 80s and 90s.

                            How is the Bath Avenue bakery?

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                              I don't go very often to that end of Brooklyn for bread, but every once and a while I have a craving. Their lard bread is superb. As I recall, they primarily have traditional breads and traditional cookies. It is not a pastry bakery. If you are in the mood for lard bread, it is worth checking out once. It is certainly worth a detour if you live or visit in the neighborhood. [N & P Cammareri Brothers, 1660 Bath Ave]

                        2. I love this board. It's better than Gawker sometimes. Thanks!

                          1. If money is such an issue, there is no way they will be up and running the same as before. In other words, we can expect large price increases to pay for the new storefront and equipment.

                            1. I tell you, the desserts and italian ices were great, but what I miss most is the sweet eye candy of the firemen parking out front for a quick treat...poor firemen...where have they been spending their summer?

                              1. FAIRWAY!! I see them all the time. Oh, the cute firemen, how I heart them so.

                                1. Monteleone's made the best Sicilian style cheesecake that I've had since my youth in Jersey City. The cheesecake is made on a huge rectangular tray...the kind used for Sicilian pizza. Totally rich and creamy, but clean without the heavy, throat coating of cream cheese. Not overly sweet or cloying, not overly flavored with vanilla. Just perfect, old-fashioned, like someone's mother used to make.

                                  Please come back, cheesecake...

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                                    Their cheesecake is really good. Better than some of the bigger names we hear about all the time (juniors, S&S, etc.), IMO.

                                  2. if you are talking about the one in Jersey City they are OPEN yes people i repeat OPEN i just ordered a cake from them it was amazing and at its truly best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

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                                      Eaboo, this is Monteleone's (or used to be anyway) on Court Street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

                                    2. the prices are still the same reasonable way that they have always been im only 15 but ikno cakes and prices and they are still the best at both

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                                        Too bad about Monteleone's...
                                        Caputo's is great for bread, lemon drops and biscotti... court st pastry is overrated IMHO: not worth the trip. We've been trekking to 18th Ave Bakery for pastry. The have a very limited selection, but its the best sfogliatelles (i can never spell that).

                                        BTW... FDNY at fairway :) :) :) :D

                                      2. i work there for almost 4 years n the owner lenny is the best boss so who ever else is saying different DONT! anyways we will be opening shorty so come n get some cookies

                                        1. Regarding Eaboo's posting on the Jersey City Monteleone's: different family, I think. I've had their cookies, but not their cheesecake. The cheesecake I had in Jersey City was downtown, but I can't remember the bakery's name. They served it at the Tripoli on Newark Ave. back in the day. Oh...the Tripoli!!! Another great place that no longer exists.

                                          Here;s a link to the Jersey City Monteleone's if you're in the neighborhood and want to report back about their cheesecake:


                                          1. By the way, keep us "posted" about whether the Court Street Monteleone's reopens!!! IN the meantime, is their any similar cheesecake in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, etc.?

                                            1. I was walking by the Court St. Monteleone location yesterday and construction was underway. A guy standing outside (identity unknown) told me that they are remodeling and that Monteleone's will re-open for business in approximately a month.

                                              1. GREAT news. I've really been craving their cheesecake.

                                                1. Is Cammereri still going to be involved?

                                                  1. No, Cammereri is not involved with Monteleones anymore.

                                                    1. Are we sure Cammereri is not involved? I saw their van outside the site over the weekend.

                                                      1. any more news? I passed by yesterday and it looks promising...

                                                        1. Word from "reliable sources" says -the Holidays-.

                                                          1. Any updates on Monteleone's? Anyone know for sure if it's open?

                                                            I have to order my mini-pastries for Christmas eve!

                                                            I tried the old number (718-624-9253)but it's not in service...


                                                            1. Was by there yesterday and they had a lot of the interior decor up and were definitely working hard on the place, but it still looked a ways from opening.

                                                              1. What's there to change, really. It's a great location, all there is are showcases and counters. Sounds like alot of change for no real benefit.

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                                                                  They had a LOT of work to do on the foundation, structure and guts. Its not a question of looks. They laid a new sidewalk, new floors, new basement, new electric, new paneling, new glass.

                                                                  I miss 'em and wish them well when I walk by there, 5 times a day.

                                                                2. Thanks for the info. Guess I'll have to figure out somewhere else to get my xmas pastries.

                                                                  Annoying timing... I'm going to Bensonhurst on Saturday for pork store amenities (lard bread and marinated ravioli at Bari's on Avenue U), and would love to get the pastries somewhere out there, but that's the day before Christmas eve, and I'd rather get the pastries fresh Sunday morning.

                                                                  Oh well, hopefully Monteleone's will be ready by next Christmas!

                                                                  1. Update for you people. Sorry that the last update was incorrect. I am an employee of Monteleone's, I worked there for three years. There were some problems that halted construction once again in September. Everything is back underway in full swing. The store is nearing completion with only a few minor details remaining. We are expected to be open by the end of this month.

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                                                                      Why did they get rid of the beautiful interior—the tiles etc.? What were they thinking was wrong with it?