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Aug 8, 2006 05:00 PM

Monteleone's Bakery

Any news on when they will be re-opening? They were supposed to be merging with the bread bakery made famous in that Cher/Nicolas Cage movie (I'm forgetting the name). The original signs said late April, then May, now nothing.

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  1. I don't know when they are opeening but the other bakery was Cammareri bakery

    1. i heard thru the neighborhood grapevine that cammareri pulled out of the deal. something about the montelones owner being a poor businessman. alas, nothing is happening.

      1. Moonstruck:

        There's mention of the Cammareri name there.

        1. Is that what happened? What a letdown. They had a sign up that said 'Will be back in April." I guess not. I wish they would open up something on Court Street between Union and 4th Place that I could buy something besides Dunkin Donuts.

          1. I have some bad news..I was talking to one of the Esposito brothers next door today, and it looks like it's all over for Monteleone's. Apparently, the Camareris never had any money to invest, just their name, for what that's worth. Another investor fell through, and the original Monteleone's baker had to abandon shop and is now working elsewhere (Esposito wasn't sure where). The store sits vacant except for some new, state of the art baking equipment which is apparently too large to easily move out. No more cheescake or ridiculously good ices (Court St Pastry just doesn't compare). Anyone know any good bakers, with money to spare, in need of a home?