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Quick (cheap) lunch in Back Bay

I've had the requisite Viga, B.Good, ABC and Finagle.

What's a good, cheap lunch option in back bay.

Help a hungry brother out....

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  1. I love the greek salads at Cafe Jaffa on Gloucester Street.

      1. The Other Side Cafe, on the Newbury Street extension. Great vegetarian chili.

        1. It doesn't exist, bro. How 'bout you and me open up a taco cart somewhere on Boylston St? Not that I'm heartily recommending any of these but here are a few options:

          Check the sandwich counter at Deluca's on Newbury.
          Maybe a gyro at Steve's.
          Hot dog from the ice cream truck.
          Burrito at the Wrap.
          There might still be a taco stand in the transportation bldg.

          There's always a walk to Chinatown, downtown crossing, or up to Mass Ave/NU for a shwarma.

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            Herrera's in the transportation building was gross the one time I went there.

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              The Wrap is now Boloco. The carnitas burrito is very good, IMO.

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                I'm in Adams_jo. Although I'm a bit concerned that you've recommended sandwiches from Deluca's...I don't like salmanilla.

                Have you eaten at the Jamaican Beef cart in the BB Station?

              2. I don't spend much time in the Back Bay, but have done ok at Shino Express on Newbury. If it was nearer my work, I would go more often.

                1. Appleton Bakery, just over the line into the South End, has some reasonable sandwich and salad options.

                  1. As someone has already mentioned, I used to walk down to Chinatown and do take out a lot for lunch. Can't beat grabbing a vietnamese sandwich for $2.50 and a nice 20-30 minute stroll round trip.

                    There's also Thai Basil and Chili Duck on Newbury and Boylston respectively. Further down on Newbury is Wisteria. Haven't had much there, but a few of their Taiwanese items are good and reasonably priced.

                    If you're really stuck for options, the salad bar at the new Shaw's is actually pretty decent.

                    1. Steve's on Newbury & Hereford or Men Tei Noodles next door. Jury's Hotel (either Cuffs or the Stanhope Grille). Davios to Go (it's in back of the regular Davio's. It's the entrance on St. James I think). Croissant Du Jour (in the Park Square building).