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Aug 8, 2006 04:29 PM

searching for great bread in OC

I usually get my bread from whole foods. I have been to wholesome choice and I like their whole wheat mashhadi bread. I am not interested in panera. I like some of the breads from the bread bar,but that is far away. Please help me. There must be a bakery that has good bread in the OC area. I am not interested in white bread.

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  1. Try French Pastry. I go to the one in Orange. I know they have stores in Costa Mesa, Irvine and Mission Viejo.

    I love their "wheel" bread.


    1. I think the above post refers to French's Bakery...I don't know that you will like it as it is fairly generic...but who try the Village Bakery in Costa Mesa...this is one of the Goodells only places left in OC...they had wonderful bread although I heard the baker had recently left...still worth a try...this place is in the Camp,on Bristol,across the street from Memphis,which you should try for lunch

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        I stand corrected. Thanks. It's French's Bakery not Pastry.

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          I was just at Village Bakery last week - the breads are still very good, very "artisanal" with a great crust and crumb and nice and flavorful, I heartily recommend it ! While you're there, don't miss the chance to buy a few of their really good cookies ! I love their "oreo" style cookie and also their chocolate espresso cookie.

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            Great...glad to hear the Goodells culinary touch is still being felt in OC...hope it gets enough support to sustain mrsjoujou,sounds like a winner

        2. Don't forget about all of the Vietnamese bakeries for great French bread.

          1. I really enjoy Champange's multi-grain baguette.

            1. Thank you. I will give the village bakery a try. I will also check out the multi grain baguette. So far, pascal has the best baguette, that I have tried.