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Aug 8, 2006 04:21 PM

good farm stands in Western Mass?

We're staying in the Northampton area, in Goshen.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you find yourself in Hatfield or Whately(just north of Northampton), I would definitely reccomend that you pay a visit to the Golanka farm stand on Route 5. Their corn especially is out of this world. Also, if you find yourselves travelling north from Goshen into Ashfield on a Saturday morning, there is a farmers market on the common. Further north, in Buckland, there is a nice farm with lots of offerings called Atherton Farm. The Florence farmers market is on Wednesday afternoons. I'm not too familiar with the offerings IN Goshen or to the west and south of Goshen, but you might want to check out this web site for more information:

    1. Atkins Farms in South Amherst- more than a farm stand, and totally worth the trip over the bridge... cider donuts, cider, fresh produce, gourmet stuff, etc etc.

      1. don't miss the fresh baked pita bread from Pizza Amore on Green st. Made twice daily, huge soft and puffy pitas. My mom swears by their chocolate cake as well.

        1. if you like asparagus, I can't remember if it's still available at this late a time in teh summer but if it is, I used to always get it at a farm stand off of 47 between northampton and s. hadley, they ahve a small aligator sign and it was to die for. I think they also sold at flavors ice cream which is on a side road that you can take that goes between the walmart and jc penny in hadley. they have fantastic ice cream (from the cows out front) and sell a fwe local produce type stuff.