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Aug 8, 2006 04:17 PM

Will not take my password, again

I posted before about this problem. No response. I hope someone will have an answer this time.

I should not have been logged off, but the system had me logged off. When I tried to log back on, it would not accept my password. Yes I made sure to assume it was case sensitive. After about 10 tries, I was on. Doesn't make sense. Any ideas out there?

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  1. Strange, but I'm having this problem today for the first time. I used the password that I've always used and it wouldn't recognize it so I clicked the password help button - they emailed me the same password that I'd been using! I finally used my email address to sign in which did finally work.

    What's puzzling is the "remember me feature" that doesn't... It seems to be an intermittent thing - goes for days remembering me, then develops amnesia all of a sudden. Today's experience was the worst yet. Took me a good 5 + minutes to finally get logged in....

    What's up with this?

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      Same problem... Firefox 1.0.4 and IE 6 on Windows XP.