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Aug 8, 2006 04:10 PM

What I ended up doing in Calgary

So for my "splurge" place I ended up going to Divino's, as the River Cafe didn't have any reservations left for the time I was aiming for.
My dining partner and I split a Porcini Mushroom Flatbread appetizer. It was larger than we both expected it to be, and resembled a small pizza. The porcini, elk pepperoni, shallots and fontina was a fantastic twist to the old pepperoni and mushroom. For an entree I had a lobster cannelloni (very good, and I liked that the sauce was not heavy), and my partner had the salmon (also very good - the risotto was too lemony to eat by itself, but was perfect when eaten with the very generous portion of salmon). We were both too full to attempt dessert, much to my distress. I think I'm still dreaming about that flatbread.

For dinner the next night with my friends, we ended up going to the Broken Plate after all (Kensington location). I had the lamb souvlaki, which tasted good and had generous portions, but didn't blow me away. What did intrigue me was my friend's moussaka which was made with a touch of cinnamon. I haven't had such a distinct cinnamon taste in moussaka before, and I liked it.

Other restaurant stops during my visit included a hearty breakfast at the Avenue Diner, and dim sum at Happy Hill (ok food, but they encourage you to eat and leave quickly, instead of giving you an opportunity to order more food or linger over your tea).

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